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Pearls of Wisdom

"I hate to be repetitive. When I am repetitive it's strategic. It's not because I'm out of other stuff, because I'm by no means out of other stuff."

"The New York Times is four years late and $5 trillion short as they promise and endeavor to tell us who Barack Obama really is."

"'Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev said he supports President Obama.' Well, of course he does! He's an environmentalist wacko, a communist."

"How can the NAGs attack me after calling me God's gift to women? You know, they did that. It's 'cause women can change their minds? Is that it? I guess so."

"For the most part when people get nostalgic, they're thinking good things. It reminds them of the wonderful things in the past. And when the left gets nostalgic for jobs, look at the kind of jobs they're thinking about. They're jobs that nobody wants anymore, jobs that don't have the same structure as they used to have. They're dinosaurs. The left is a bunch of Jurassic Park people."

"In 2008, parents were told by their children why Barack Obama was the future. In 2008, children told their parents why Obama was the answer. In 2012, parents can tell their children, 'Barack Obama has heaped so much debt on you and us, combined with your student loans, that the future is unraveling everything Obama did!' That's what must happen."

"Our future must be devoted to unraveling everything Obama has done in these three-and-a-half years. That's what your future is, graduates. That's what you need to learn."

"Liberals want people dependent. They want you in those nostalgic jobs because you're gonna end up depending on them for your pension. You're gonna end up depending on them for your health care. That's what they want."

"Nobody ever intended for college graduates to be $200,000 in debt coming out. Nobody ever intended that, but now it's happened -- and guess who's not disappointed by it? The people that hold the loans (i.e., Obama). You're indebted to 'em. That's exactly what they want. It's a shame."

"Debt is not good. Public or private. And the only way out is to cut spending, like a lot of Republican governors are trying to do. Grow the private sector. That's the way out."

"'One in Two New Graduates are Jobless or Underemployed.' The only way that's gonna change is to get government out of the job market, pure and simple."

"You young people ever notice that when the price of gas goes up a dime, everybody raises hell. The price of contraception goes up and everybody really raises hell. Price of milk goes up and mothers raise hell. The price of tuition goes up, and nobody raises hell, except the students. But government never gets on education for overcharging its customers. We never hear about Big Education being greedy."

"Obama was raised and educated to believe that the founding of the country was immoral and unjust, that free markets are not free, that they're only free for the people that cheat and steal from others."

"Obama and the Democrats think the country is what stands in your way. And that's our problem, folks. The country does not stand in your way. Ironically, what's standing in your way is Obama and the Democrats."

"The NAGs are having some meeting in May oriented around getting rid of me. It's the National Organization for Women with a big convention oriented around me.

The objective is to get rid of me. I looked at it, and I said, 'These poor women. They must be running out of money and members,' 'cause that's all this is. Don't worry about it, folks. It's just a fundraising drive. I am a fundraising magnet."

"I'm not saying Obama's disengaged, doesn't know what's going on and he's a puppet. Don't misunderstand. Not saying that at all. But he's not known as a hard worker. He's not known as somebody who gets in there early and stays late. The only time he stays late is when he's got Netanyahu over there in another room waiting for him to finish dinner with his family. Then he'll come back and stay late."

"Most of the limitations that people face are self-imposed. Not by The Man. Not but the system. The system's not keeping you down. There are all kinds of people who work their way around it. Many do."


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