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"You know, under Clinton, government spending was 18% of GDP, which is a national average from beginning to end. It's at 21% now with Obama, on the way to 23% and 25%. Clinton cut capital gains taxes and Clinton probably said, 'Sock it to me!' to Monica. He just didn't do it on Laugh-In. But I'm sure he did it to Monica in that little study off of the Oval Orifice."

"What a terrific speech by Romney last night. It was his best, and you know why? Because it was conservatism from front to back. Now, I know, there are many people who are still asking, 'Yeah, but did he mean it?' We'll find out, but for the moment, for what it was, it was awesome."

"January 16th of 2009, Wall Street Journal calls, 'We want 400 words on what your hopes for Obama are as this historic new presidency is inaugurated.' And they told me they were gonna be asking a lot of other people to submit 400-word little mini-essays, gonna publish them in the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal. I wrote back and I said, 'I don't need 400 words or 200 words. I can do it in four words: I hope he fails.' And reactions were predictable."

"Passion is a key to anything. When you lose the passion, gosh, you lose so much. And I would not let Barack Obama destroy my passion for whatever it is I have just because he likes it, too. Or because, in the sports team case, the owner happens to endorse him. Life's too short."

"One thing you have to understand if you're new to the program, I'm not interested in being wrong. I'm not going to lie or make something up just to advance my agenda. There's no point in that. We are too rooted in substance and the pursuit of truth, and frankly, I am burning with passion for you to know the truth."

"Make no bones, folks, I know it sounds sort of incomprehensible, but I'm telling you that the Democrat Party is looking at as many illegals as possible turning into voters. That's why they don't want photo ID at the polling place. It is the number one reason why."

"You want to get people to vote for you? Particularly if you're Republican, you want to get people to vote for you? Just articulate conservatism to 'em. But if you're gonna pander to people as members of groups, then you first have to treat them as victims, and that's insulting. As far as I'm concerned, I don't want to attract people to my side of the aisle by telling them they're victims and I'm gonna take care of 'em."

"Illegal immigration is a big deal to the left because it's a source of voters. The Democrats are losing voters. They have to replace them. They're aborting voters. Literally! They are aborting their own future voters. They need new voters."

"It would not be too hard to find an economy around the world doing better than ours."

"There's no economic growth going on here and there's no real job creation happening here. And that's why illegal immigrants here are leaving at almost as rapid a rate as others are arriving."

"The Democrat Party's not the ticket to a better life."

"The news that I'm sharing with you is coming from the Washington Times, the quotes from Justices Sotomayor and Scalia in the oral arguments. Here, Scalia asked, 'What does sovereignty mean if it does not include the ability to defend your borders?' Which is right up there with his broccoli question."

"I have never understood why this is complex or why it's complicated. The state of Arizona wants to protect its borders. They want the federal government to enforce the law. Federal government isn't, so Arizona wrote their own, basically replicating federal law. Obama sues Arizona. Obama doesn't want photo ID to vote. It's clear what's going on."

"The Democrats look out across this country and see teams of incompetent people; teams of inept people who need guidance, assistance and to be taken care of. So you work on the line for 30 years, then you quit, and get your pension and your health care for the rest of your life. And that's America. And that's the nostalgia. And that's what Obama's trying to recreate, only this time with green jobs."

"I have a hard time believing that the economic choices being made by this administration are on purpose. Stuff that's being done is being done purposefully."

"The Democrat Party must have a permanent underclass. That's the voting base. The 'permanent underclass' is simply poor people who have no alternative but than to vote Democrat for a meager subsistence."

"If you're coming to the United States for a better life, you better not vote Democrat. You're not gonna get a better life. You're gonna get a life of dependence and your gonna end up being in a permanent underclass."

"The Democrats need people to be dependent on government so that the people are dependent on Democrats."


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