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"The Blakely story is a great story. I think it is. Very American. She invents a product. People wanted to buy it. There were no government handouts or no slush funds. There were no subsidies. Hillary actually could learn a lot from Sara Blakely."

"I'll tell you what: It isn't old El Rushbo that's killing the women's movement; it's Spanx. It ain't me."

"What is Hillary doing at the TIME 100 Most Influential bash? Exactly how influential is Hillary Clinton? What has she ever accomplished as secretary of state?"

"Political consultants, to me, all exist to accomplish one thing, and that is to sell their candidates on the idea that they and they alone are the only ones who can tell the candidate how to go out and win the independents."

"John McCain was content to be nominated. Romney is determined to be elected. That is going to make a huge difference. This is not a faux campaign."

"All the Arizona state law does is require Arizona law enforcement officials to enforce federal law on immigration. There's no conflict between the Arizona state law and the federal law that anybody can cite. Even Mr. Verrilli, the government lawyer, could not find and could not cite any conflict."

"I've never understood what the point is in trying to win a majority of 20% of the population who takes pride in telling you they don't think anything. Now, this is not a put-down of you independents. I just never liked it."

"There's no evidence whatsoever that fracking contaminates groundwater. But because the left is against the discovery of oil and gas, they'll simply lie about the destruction of the environment in the process of getting more oil and gas, because they hate it."

"Independents and moderates are two different things. But independents, by definition, don't have any opinions. Independents, by definition, are not tied to either ideology. Sorry, I don't believe that. Whether people know it or not, they are either conservative or liberal. They're not squishy sponges."

"As you know, I live in Realville. I believe in conservatism. I believe in shouting it. I believe in passionately teaching it, passionately explaining it, passionately living it. And I've got the evidence on my side. This country is the evidence. Our founding is the evidence of the greatness of that particular ideology. It triumphs over all others."

"Conservatism works pretty much every time it's tried, particularly against this kind of liberalism. Never before in my lifetime have we had the opportunity to draw a greater contrast."

"This is not a standard, normal, run-of-the-mill, every-four-years presidential election. We are losing this country. People are losing their freedom, and they know it. They are losing their opportunity for economic advancement, and they know it."

"The only people Obama's gonna have are the people he's already bought and the people he's gonna be able to buy between now and the election. But there's nobody that's gonna run to Barack Obama who's not already there because of policy, because of track record, because of competence, because they want more of it. Not one single person wants any more of this."

"The views expressed by the host on this program documented to be almost always right 99.7% of the time and it's gonna be that way for a while. You can't get to 99.8 without being right a gazillion percent of the time for a long time."

"I'm telling you what's in my mind and heart right now, and I will admit to you that a lot of what I'm telling you is something I really hope for. I'm not fooling myself. I'm not in denial. I am not ignoring reality. I am sharing with you where I hope the people of this country are."

"There are hundreds of thousands of jobs waiting for the Keystone pipeline. There's all kinds of new domestic oil we have. We would be less dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Obama's opposed to it. 'Why?' Who cares why? The fact is he's opposed to it; that ought to be enough to disqualify him."

"If the media turns against Obama, it's gonna be for one reason: They're bored and they're trying to help him out. That's the only one they'll turn against him. They'll turn against him under the guise of giving him advice in the form of criticism."

"I'll tell you what I was just told. Even women who don't need a girdle-like thing like the Spanx wear them anyway because of why? Okay. It's more professional. It makes a woman look more professional because there's no sexy jiggle. The Spanx keeps everything firm and taut and there's no jiggle. Okay, well, I've just lost interest in it, then. Professional or not."

"Confidence is not something I have a problem with. But many other people do."

"Obama's trying to get rid of oil and replace it with batteries and green technology, which is pie-in-the-sky. There's no business there."

"One of the challenges I've always had in these 23 years is convincing non-ideological people just who liberals are. It's been one of my quests, in fact. It's one of the things that keeps me showing up here every day. It's an unfinished job, it's an unfinished project, to finally find ways to get through to people who are not ideological."

"There's nothing wrong with simple. Simple is always best. Complex is unnecessary. That's why I like to make the complex simple and understandable."

"Oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom. Oil is directly tied to standard of living, prosperity, opportunity for prosperity, and freedom. It's not a pollutant. It's not any more dangerous than anything else that's organic and found naturally on this planet."

"You know what the central and most controversial part of the Arizona law is? It's the provision requiring law enforcement to determine the immigration status of people they stop and whom they suspect are here illegally."

"Have you noticed we only hear the left's real plans when they're talking with their colleagues, with fellow travelers. That's how we heard Obama's comments about the bitter clingers as well as his plans for moving to us single-payer health care system when he was talking to the unions."

"Not only, folks, can Obama not run on his past, he very likely can't even run on his future. He has no plans to address Social Security. He has no plans to address Medicare. He has no plans to address the debt. He has no plans to address any of the problems we've got. All of his plans -- and he can't run on these, either -- all of his solutions boil down to one thing, and that is taking more of our money."

"I was in Los Angeles on Monday. I had to kill some time out there, and I'm driving around town. I saw a down-and-out homeless looking guy holding a cardboard sign that said: 'Please give money or I'll vote for Obama again.' Honest. This guy hadn't figured out Obama's gonna give him some."

"Obama said he was gonna crucify the coal industry to the San Francisco Chronicle. This Armendariz guy is 'crucifying' little oil and gas companies like Range Resources. He's doing Obama's bidding! They're all on the same team."


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