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More Yemen Drones, Even Though War on Terror is Over?
RUSH: "US Relaxes Drone Rules for Yemen." The regime, the Obama regime, "has given the CIA and US military greater leeway to target suspected Al-Qaeda militants." I'm so confused. I thought the regime told us the war on terror was over this week, didn't they? I know I saw it on Drudge. They said the war on terror is over. But now we've got new instructions and orders for the drone guys. The CIA and the military has more leeway.

Dick Morris Thinks Media is Flipping on Obama
RUSH: Dick Morris, former Clinton adviser Dick Morris said that New York Times public editor Arthur Brisbane's criticism of the New York Times' biased reporting may signal a shift in how the media covers Obama. Morris is predicting liberal media will turn against Obama. We mentioned this New York Times piece on Tuesday. It was the most amazing piece. Arthur Brisbane, who is the public editor, the ombudsman, I guess, had this most amazing piece. He said it was the job of the New York Times to tell its readers who Obama is. Four years after Obama started campaigning, the New York Times has promised to tell its readers who Obama is! So Dick Morris saw that, and here's a pull quote from his story.

"One [factor] is that the reporters are liberal, but the other fact is that the media tends to react to what it last did badly. So, for example, it was relatively mild toward Bush during the early years of his administration after 9/11. And then it overcompensated by being too harsh during the Iraq war. And then when Obama got elected they said, ‘Oh wow, we just ruined a presidency with Bush. Maybe we’ll be nicer to Obama.’ And I think you will begin to see a bit of a pendulum swing against Obama even though the media itself is liberal." Look at all the contortions we're going through. If the media would just do their jobs, we wouldn't have to worry about all of this. I have all respect in the world for Dick Morris. If the media turns against Obama, it's gonna be for one reason: They're bored and they're trying to help him out. That's the only one they'll turn against him.

They'll turn against him under the guise of giving him advice in the form of criticism.

Obama Mocked for Not Calling Campaigning Campaigning
RUSH: Now, there's a story from the Washington Free Beacon: "Liberal Media Mock Obama for Faux Campaign." This is happening. Obama is running around to all of these swing states speaking to all these college students, talking about student loans -- and the taxpayers are picking all this up, even though it's campaigning. And the media knows he's campaigning, and they think campaigns ought to pay for this, not the taxpayers. " "Members of the media are questioning the Obama administration’s numerous 'official business' trips to swing states, during which he has been giving stump speeches and raising campaign funds. High-profile Washington reporters engaged in a line of questioning on Twitter today that seems to indicate that even staunch supporters of the president think that the use of taxpayer funds for campaign trips is getting out of hand," and here are some Twitter examples.

Mike O'Brien of PMSNBC: "How much longer do we have to pretend that these POTUS events aren't campaign events? Not that there's anything wrong with campaigning." I find that one fascinating. Here's this guy; he's in the tank for Obama, obviously. "How much longer do we have to pretend that these [things] aren't campaign events?" Meaning (translation): "When's Obama gonna cut us some slack and stop putting us in these risky situations, compromising our integrity? We're loyal to you, Barack, but, my gosh! You're making our jobs harder." That's what O'Brien means. Sam Stein, Huffing and Puffington Post White House correspondent: "seriously. this is campaigning. just call it that. it's not that dirty a word." (sic)

RNC Regional Press Secretary R. C. Mahoney on Twitter: "Sort of is when taxpayers pay ... seriously. this is campaigning. just call it that." (sic) Sam Stein: "well, yeah. campaign should pay for campaigning[.]" (sic) Even Jacob Tapper said, "Carney seemed offended by q[uestion]s about whether electoral factors in POTUS travel sked seemed..." (sic) I'm sorry, that's it. "Carney seemed offended by q[uestion]s about whether electoral factors in POTUS travel..." So they're questioning Obama's numerous official business trips to swing states. See, here's the problem. They know they're being used. They're in the tank for Obama; he's out campaigning.

He's not admitting it. He's making it look like he's on official business. They have to report it that way 'cause they're in the tank for Obama, but they're afraid people are gonna notice. The thing that's fascinating about this is these courageous journalists tweet their real questions. They don't dare ask Obama these questions. They don't dare ask Carney these questions. Jay Carney is so imposing, so fearsome. They wouldn't dare! So they tweet this stuff to themselves to show how tough they are. But they won't ask Obama these questions. They won't say, "Mr. President, don't you think you ought to admit you're really campaigning here, not just really on official business?" But they'll tweet that. 

Planned Parenthood Loses Big in Pennylvania
RUSH: One of the reasons I was given earlier today by somebody in e-mail about why I'm wrong, Obama losing in a landslide, because there just isn't any enthusiasm for Romney, was the evidence of the low turnout in Pennsylvania, the primaries.  That there just isn't any enthusiasm and the vote turnout is illustrative of this.  Well, something big happened in Pennsylvania nevertheless.  Planned Parenthood took it on the chin twice. 

RedState.com with the details.  "An untold story today following yesterday’s Pennsylvania primaries is what a bad, bad night it was for Planned Parenthood.  In Pennsylvania’s 134th House district, they spent an eye-popping $100,000 on a TV ad campaign trying to sink the candidacy of Republican Ryan Mackenzie by linking him to ultrasound legislation that was before the legislature. As Politico noted, this was seen as a trial-balloon of sorts: 'Most state legislative races and ad campaigns don’t necessarily have any larger resonance, but Democrats have been working to make the ultrasound bill the kind of liability for Republicans in Pennsylvania that a related proposal became for Republicans in Virginia.' That trial balloon popped when MacKenzie," targeted with a hundred thousand dollars worth of ads in a single congressional district, Pennsylvania, McKenzie, hundred thousand dollars spent against him, won by an 18-point margin, 59-41.  Planned Parenthood taking it on the chin. 

"Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania’s 31st district, former Planned Parenthood CEO and board member, Republican Helen Bosley, lost in the primary to a pro-life Republican woman, Anne Chapman. Thanks to the help of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, abortion played a central role in the race and again, it was no contest. Despite Bosley’s endorsement from the Bucks County Republican Committee, pro-life Chapman won with 63 percent to 37 percent -- a commanding 26-point margin."

So two Planned Parenthood ad campaigns bombed royally.  A pro-life Republican beats a pro-choice Republican by 26 points.  For those of you Republicans inside the Beltway, that's the social issues.  That's the social issues.  Republicans are supposed to get blown out.  Win by 26 points.  


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