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Pearls of Wisdom

"I have, on this program, repeatedly defined the people who make this country work. They're the ones who get up every day and go to work, make this whole thing churn, make it happen. And they are frustrated."

"I'm convinced that if more people equated Washington failure with liberalism, Washington failure with Democrats, then we would be much more ahead of the game."

"Washington can only do a few things: tax, spend, and regulate. And none of that helps anybody in a tangible way for long term."

"I no longer have MSNBC on one of my two TV monitors here. What I have up there is the Fox Business Channel or a soap opera and Fox News on the bottom. But I've taken MSNBC off. I refuse. We don't play any sound bites from 'em anymore, and I don't watch 'em. It's irrelevant."

"If you don't work, Washington matters. If you do work, Washington's in your way, when run by liberals."

"A decade of courage, sacrifice, cooperation, coordination, investigation, brains, and discipline on the part of the US military, the Special Ops, the CIA interrogators, the entire intelligence community, has been exploited now for the personal gain of one small man who had the easiest job in this long chain of command."

"We are our choices, folks. Barack Hussein Obama chose to figuratively parade Osama Bin Laden's dead body around the public square in an attempt to bring singular glory to himself. How pathetic."

"So Obama's out there trying, folks, to call himself or have us think of him as a hero. For doing something that if Bush or Cheney had done, Obama probably woulda called 'em war criminals. That's another real irony."

"I'll tell you, folks, you know this as well as I do. 'Needy' and 'selfish' are not attractive features. Needy and selfish. I don't know about you, but needy, selfish, and complaining are off-putting to me. I don't know how to deal with it. I really don't."

"'Breaking News' at MSNBC doesn't mean something brand-new that you've not heard of yet. 'Breaking News' means, damaged in some way. More properly, 'Broken News,' would be what they should call it now. MSNBC's Broken News."

"Obama's out there with Jimmy Fallon 'slow-jamming the news' while talking about eating dogs, bragging about getting Bin Laden, when he was on the golf course. From my standpoint, it's anvil time. Throw the guy the anvil! You know, have it arrive out there around November on Election Day."

"Romney is going to have to point out that this election is not about just defeating Obama, but it's about holding back the hordes. It's about turning back the tide of the worldwide left that wants to essentially get rid of it capitalism -- individualism, rugged individualism, liberty, whatever -- and replace it with a command-and-control central authority that they run."

"I sit here and I get frustrated because turning liberalism into the genuine electoral minority that it is in terms of just numbers, I mean the percentage of people in this country who admit to identifying as liberals, is 20%. Forty percent self-identify as conservatives."

"We love The Five here on the EIB Network."

"You know what I think 'Breaking News' is on MSNBC? It's news that's been damaged somehow. It's breaking. It's falling apart. It's news that's not working."

"Obama's not trying 'to lead the country back to fiscal health.' He is trying to 'fundamentally transform' this nation."

"This is what all of you need to understand! Obama's not trying to return this nation to prosperity. He's transforming it into, at best, a Western European socialist country."

"What country has Lesley Stahl been living in? Does she have no clue what happened in World War II with Japanese and German prisoners that we kept? What in the world, Orwellian? Sleep deprivation and Ensure? People get caught up in this torture business, and it just amazes me how absent from reality these people are."

"My mother and her friends were known affectionately to me as the Blue-Haired Bloody Mary Gang, and I referred to them as 'clucking hens.' This is a term of endearment that husbands since the cave days have used to describe it when their wives or girlfriend get together: Clucking hens. They sit there and they chat and they talk and so forth."


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