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Goodell Suspends Four Saints
RUSH: The Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended four players from the New Orleans Saints for the bounty program. And Jonathan Vilma, the linebacker who paid ten grand for Brett Favre to be taken out, is suspended the whole season, starting now all the way through the Super Bowl.  The other three Saints players suspended are Anthony Hargrove, eight games; Will Smith, four games; and Scott Fujita, who, I think he's playing in Cleveland. He's not with the Saints.  He's been given a three-game suspension for his role in the Saints bounty program when he played for the team.  They can all four appeal, which they no doubt will.  But this news hit just before the program began. 

This is CNN and Nobody is Watching
RUSH: "Rush, Rush, did you see what happened on CNN?"  I don't want to hear about it because nobody did.  They had their worst ratings at CNN since 2000 or 2001 in April. The top number, the highest number of viewers they had at any one time, I don't remember what it was, 350,000.  A national cable network, 350,000.  We have that many amputees in New York, just in Manhattan.  Three hundred fifty thousand.  The show that suffered the least damage was their 9pm show hosted by Piers Morgan.  That was down 14%.  Nobody sees it if it's on CNN.  They could run a continuous loop of Obama saying this.  Nobody sees it.  Not domestically.  Internationally it's a whole different game.

The era of the old media is over.  CNN had it's lowest rated month in 11 years in April.  The last time CNN had ratings this bad, the date was August of 2001.  CNN had a grand total of 357,000 viewers in an average sweep period, and just 108,000 of them in the 25-54 demo.  That puts them off 21% in total viewership, 29% in the 25-54 demo for the year.  Fox News was up 2% to 1.1 million viewers overall.  This is not from 6am to 6pm.  This is within like a 15-minute sweep or maybe in an hour, I think with TV it's probably an hour.  The shining star in the CNN lineup was Piers Morgan, who was down only 14% at 9pm.  In primetime, CNN was down to a two-year low.  And that's with the silver fox, Anderson Cooper is his name.  Silver fox, Anderson Cooper. 

I swear, that guy is reported more in gossip columns to be at the gym or that bar or restaurant than he is in the studio.  I hear more stuff about Anderson Cooper at a bar or at a gym or at a health club than I do about what he's doing in the studio.  And CNN probably thinks that's great.  "Yeah, that'll help the demo.  Anderson out there doing all this stuff. People will be curious and tune in and watch."  It isn't working.  Folks, I can't tell you, 357,000 viewers in an hour for a national cable news network that used to rule the roost with millions of viewers, 357,000.  If it weren't for the fact that in the basements of advertising agencies where young liberal media buyers are buying spots on CNN just because they're liberal and not because they're reaching any audience, I shudder to think what would be happening.

CNN International, I think, does well.  So CNN's become a loss leader.  I mean, they didn't drop from two million to 357,000.  They've been gradually declining.  It's been steady for 11 years.  And people ask me, "Well, why don't they do something about it?"  And I say, "They are."  You don't understand how these people think.  This is a badge of honor, because in their minds they're up against Fox, which is illegitimate.  Fox doesn't do real news.  Fox is poisoning the minds of the American news consumer.  So the CNN execs tell themselves when they socialize, when they get together with other news executives, they're hanging tough, they're not veering away.  They're staying true to the cause of liberalism, no matter what it's costing 'em.  They deserve awards.  They deserve medals.  This is how they think.  It's not like standard business where you lose customers and you try to get 'em back.  Well, the shareholders, it's TimeWarner, there's a whole bunch of other stuff in this universe that allow this to happen, by the way. 

But I'm telling you, that's how it's looked at.  This is a badge of honor. Despite this, they're hanging tough.  They're hanging tough.  They're not veering away from the cause.  Here's another problem with CNN.  And I'm doing this to help 'em out.  They'll never accept it, of course.  They are telling themselves that they are the centrists.  Fox News is the extreme right wing kooks, MSNBC is hard liberal, and we at CNN, we're the adults. We are the centrists. We are the moderates.  We are the objective journalists.  We don't have any opinions here at CNN.  We do not allow opinion to infect and infiltrate our news presentation and our news coverage.  We are exactly what the American people say they want in journalism.  When the truth is they are just as hard-core liberal as MSNBC is. 

So why does MSNBC do better than CNN?  'Cause they're honest about it.  MSNBC says: We are left-wing kooks, and this is what we are, and this is how we're doing it.  CNN is left-wing kooks, but they do not tell people that.  They tell people: We're moderate. We're down-the-road, middle, truly objective journalists.  And people say, "Well, you can't even tell yourselves the truth.  What are we getting from you?" 

Taliban Kills Seven in Kabul After Obama Left
RUSH: From the Associated Press, May 2nd, today, 7:08 a.m., Kabul, Afghanistan: "The Taliban struck back less than two hours after President Barack Obama left Afghanistan on Wednesday."  Let me rewrite that.  Kabul, Afghanistan: "The Taliban struck back less than two hours after President Obama promised them he would not make them live in a country like America, if they would just renounce Al-Qaeda and join his worldwide consensus for socialism... uh... for freedom in southeast Asia.  The Taliban, nevertheless struck back, "targeting a foreigners' housing compound with a suicide car bomb and militants disguised as women in an assault that killed at least seven people."

So the Taliban dressed themselves up as women, went out there and devastated a foreigners' housing compound in a suicide car bomb attack less than two hours after President Obama asked them to lay down their arms, join him, but don't worry, we're not gonna make you live in a country like America.  The Taliban answered President Obama.  "It was the second major assault in Kabul in less than three weeks and highlighted the Taliban's continued ability to strike in the heavily guarded capital."  Must have been one barn burner of a persuasive speech, right?  Obama goes out there, says what he says, the Taliban says, "Well, here's what we think about it." Kablooey!  


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