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"Why are we just learning about it now? Why are we just learning about the fact that Obama 'composited' a bunch of girlfriends into one? I mean, he's been president for almost four years, 3-1/2 years, and we're just now hearing about this?"

"By the way, Osama Bin Laden still dead. And the victory lap is still going on."

"Coal and the energy industries are what West Virginia is all about, the kind of energy that Obama wants to eliminate. I don't know. In a real world with people paying attention, he wouldn't get one vote out of that state. In a real world."

"ABC says, 'The timing is also unfortunate for Brown, who had started out the week in a good situation,' but now that Warren has proven she's an Indian 'cause she's got high cheekbones, it's a problem for Scott Brown. This is in the media. Ha ha!"

"Every report on jobless numbers, the AP has the word 'surprised' or 'unexpected,' meaning: Whatever the number is, everybody that they talked to prior is shocked that the number is what it is. So the experts they're talking to are always wrong."

"What have I always told you about liberals? Well, many things, I know. They categorize people. They make moral judgments on people on the basis of surface matters. They don't see the humanity of an individual. They see the skin color; they see the sex; the gender; the orientation. And from there they make their judgments on people."

"Back in the eighties, the administrative cost on $1 of welfare was 28¢. Meaning for every $1 of welfare, 72¢ got to the recipient and 28¢ ended up funding government. It's probably worse now. That's what Reagan was talking about. It's further evidence it doesn't work! It never has worked."

"It's 50 years that we've had the War on Poverty (LBJ's signature program) and the Great Society, and the problem is as bad as ever expressed as a percentage. Liberalism doesn't work! The War on Poverty didn't work! The Great Society didn't work! We're not allowed to say that. No, no, no, no! Can't say that!"

"This is already Thursday. Do you believe that? On the Huckabee show it's still Monday, he-he-he-he."

"You know, I have never heard this term. I have to be honest. I know pretty much everything, but I've never heard of 'compressing women,' this term that's being used in Obama's autobiography. You attach a picture to it, a mental image to compressing a woman, but I don't think that's what was happening here. Is compressing a woman sort of like slow-jamming the news?"

"How many of you laughed at me when I told you some months ago that maybe not in our lifetimes (but it's gonna be close) somebody is seriously going to suggest banning the game of football. You can see we're heading in that direction. Now, every suicide is due to the game. 'The game is killing people!' That's already been established here. So what's next, folks, with liberals in charge?"

"The media, as fractured as they are, still has the ability to make a whole bunch of people believe things which are not true."


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