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Putin Sworn In
RUSH: Vladimir Putin (who is patiently waiting for Obama to get reelected to have more "flexibility" in getting rid of our nuclear weapons). Vladimir Putin was sworn into office for a third term in Russia over the weekend, which now means that even Russia has a leader who is to the right of the leader in France!

Oprah's TV Channel's Losses Top $300 Million
RUSH: Here's a headline:  "The losses at Oprah Winfrey's stumbling cable channel are approaching a staggering $330 million..."  Where did this run?  I don't know where this ran.  Let me see if I can find out where this ran.  Let's see.  It's the New York Post.  Okay!  Can you imagine if the headline were: "Losses at Rush Stations Approach $330 Million"?  Can you imagine what the headlines would be? 

Can you imagine what the headlines WILL be?  They'll quote me as having just said it.  You watch, this will become a story.  You watch. 

Of course it's not. 

I'm just feeding off Oprah here. 

Trumka Lowers Expectations in Wisconsin
RUSH: "Richard Trumka Lowers Expectations in Scott Walker Fight."  I've also got a story in the stack about Trumka, who is the head of the AFL-CIO union. There's a story in the stack where Trumka says, "We'll take Scott Walker out." Now, when union guys start talking about, "We're gonna take him out," you don't think of elections, do you?  You just don't. I'm sorry, but you don't think elections. 

Now, "Richard Trumka, head of a labor union devoted to recalling Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., began spinning the prospect of Walker winning even as the Democratic primary draws to a close." They have been putting out misrepresenting polling data all these months on this race.  They have been polling "adults" or "children;" they have not been polling "likely voters."  When they poll "likely voters," Walker is up seven to eight points; in some cases ten. 

Lugar Won't Commit to Backing Mourdock
RUSH: Indiana tomorrow has their primary: Mourdock versus Lugar. And Lugar will not commit to supporting Mourdock if Mourdock wins. They're asking Lugar, and Lugar says, "Well, I'm not gonna lose! I'll deal with that later," which I understand as an answer.  But Lugar's out soliciting help from Democrats and independents. It's an open primary apparently in Indiana. He wants people to cross the lines and vote for him.  This is the Republican establishment worried. "Oh, no, he could be another Christine O'Donnell!"

Of course it's not. Mourdock has already served in elective office.  But they're looking at this... See, this is classic, folks.  The Republican establishment would just as soon hold the seat even if the candidate was a socialist, as long as there's an (R) by his name. That's all they care about.  The Republican establishment's not oriented toward getting conservatives in these seats. So Mourdock, if he wins the primary Indiana tomorrow, the Republican establishment will reluctantly and silently get behind him.

But they're already thinking, "Well, there goes the Indiana seat! We're gonna lose that one." It's not even possible, in the minds of the Republican establishment, that a conservative could win in this election. This is what is so darn frustrating to us.  Conservatives should and can win any election in this upcoming November fracas.  There's no question! For the Republican establishment to still be buying into this notion that a conservative on the ballot equals a Barry Goldwater landslide defeat... And that's what they think.  They really do. I gotta make a note of all this stuff because we gotta develop this further as the week unfolds.

Mother's Day for Feminists
RUSH:  Folks, I just learned, I was just told, that feminist activists -- feminists -- are tweeting en masse trying to get women to share their stories about the challenges of accessing birth control for Mother's Day.  For Mother's Day.  I kid you not! Apparently there's a pretty wide Twitter campaign. Feminists are asking women to share their stories about the challenges of getting birth control for Mother's Day.  That's what I'm being told.  I kid you not.

Colombian Prostitute: Secret Service Agents Too Direct
RUSH: The Colombian prostitutes were just on a TV network and said that the Secret Service agents were too direct in asking for services? (interruption)  They were too direct? (interruption)  So you're a harlot, which is an upgrade from the word prostitute. You're worried...? (interruption) What? What?   (interruption) Okay, "How is it possible to be too direct when asking for sex from a prostitute?  It's not as though there's wine and dine and dinner and chocolates and, you know, postcard to mother.  You're paying for it, yeah, why be too direct?" 

That's a good question, Snerdley. 

I don't have any experience with Colombian prostitutes so I don't know what they expect. But I do this guy got in an argument with her over 47 bucks.  We need to put him in charge of the budget somewhere.  'Cause the whole deal blew up for 47 bucks.  At least he had a decent idea what it was all worth, and he wasn't gonna pay anything more than that.  But Fox News has a story: "Prostitute claiming to be at the center of the Secret Service scandal said in an interview the men involved were completely stupid idiots and questioned how Obama could have had 'em on his security team." 

They were on Today show, "Dania Londono Suarez said the men involved didn't seem shy about asking for sex." Well, why should they?  How in the world...? You're supposed to be shy when you encounter a harlot?  It sounds like these women were looking for romance, and the Secret Service guys got off the plane, their zippers were already down, walked in the place and said, "How much?"  And their sensibilities are offended?  That's amazing. ... Snerdley, you should look into this. Maybe there's a Miss Manners Guide to Dealing with Colombia Prostitutes, an Emily Post or whatever?  These guys just weren't aware of?  The direct approach?



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