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Sunscreen Can Cause Skin Cancer?
RUSH: Sunscreen could be giving you skin cancer.  Yes, sunscreen could be giving you skin cancer.  It's all about how the ingredients in sunscreen break down with the sun, start interacting with the cells, and it increases the chance of melanoma.  It releases unstable molecules called free radicals that could end up giving you melanoma.  Now, how many of you people have been using sunscreen all of these years thinking that you are preventing melanoma, and now we find, through the research of a couple scientists, that sunscreen could lead to skin cancer? (interruption) Well, the free radicals are molecular, they're cellular. 

The political ideology of the free radicals that are released when the sunscreen interacts with your own cells, it's been undetermined yet. (interruption) No, no, no, these radicals have not been to school.  You're confused.  No, no, no, they're not Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  They're scientific things, molecules, really tiny atoms and quantum physics stuff. (interruption) What's the very important question, Mr. Snerdley?  Hm-hm.  Well, I don't know.  I can't tell you if dark skin pigmentation even requires sunscreen, and if the sunscreen interacts with dark pigmentation in different ways.  The story does not get into that kind of detail.  White Hispanics do have something to worry about, according to the story, which is from Gawker. 

NYC Fines Bagel Shop Over Sesame and Poppy Seeds on Floor
RUSH: The New York Post.  Ready for this? "A Health Department inspector bizarrely slapped a Brooklyn bagel shop with $1,650 in fines -- because sesame and poppy seeds fell to the floor while the bagels were being made during working hours. The owner of B&B Empire Bagel Cafe -- who appealed the violations and lost at two separate hearings -- says the inspectors must have holes in their heads.  'It is impossible to clean up after each and every bagel.'"

Alex Gormakh is the owner. He's 59. I know you're thinking, "Wait, wait, wait, Rush, you need to tell us more."  There isn't any more.  This guy got fined because sesame and poppy seeds fell to the floor.  I guess this violates health standards during the making of these bagels.  Because they have been cited for this before, the owner and his son "have invested close to $900,000 in larger stainless steel preparation tables -- in hopes of containing seed fallout -- and an expensive water-filter vacuum to suck up the seeds from the floor.  'It is still not profitable, but it is close,' said Gormakh, who moved his family here from Russia in 1995 and opened his store last June. ... 'If you want to work you have to pay,' he concluded. 'In Russia, they call it corruption. Here they call it something else. Either way, you have to pay.'"

Now, this is the sort of regulation that's killing small business.  I know you're saying, "Rush, wait a minute.  There's something you're leaving out.  This doesn't makes sense.  A guy gets fined $1,600 because poppy seeds and sesame seeds end up on the floor when he's making bagels.  What's wrong with that?  You ever seen my kitchen, Rush, when I'm baking a cake, you ever see what ends on the floor?"  Yeah, and let some city food inspector see it and who knows what happens to you.  You're asking me, "But, Rush, do they reach down and pick up those seeds from the floor and put 'em in the bagel?"  No.  They don't.  They sweep 'em up. They throw 'em away.  "Okay, then what's the problem?"  I'm sorry, I can't tell you.  I don't know, folks.  All I know is this is bureaucratic power run amok.  It's a clear example and illustration of the kind of oppressive regulations that exist simply because some bureaucrat has the power to enforce it. 

The only reason the regulation exists is so some power mad little bureaucrat can enforce it, go out and fine somebody.  You wait until this kind of thing happens countless times a day at the federal level once Obamacare is fully implemented.  This is nothing compared to the what's coming.  They wonder why startups are at an all-time low.  We just had that news last week.  Entrepreneurial startups, business startups are at a record low, Census, IRS numbers, since records on this have been kept.  Again, the two people that own this thing had to go out and invest almost a million dollars in stainless steel preparation tables, bigger tables to keep the seeds from hitting the floor.  And even after doing that, they got fined $1,600 because a health department inspector saw the seeds on the floor of their bagel shop.  It's impossible for some seeds not to end up on the floor.  So these two guys are violating regulations. They're class D criminals in the course of making bagels in Brooklyn. I understand that the seeds can attract vermin in the bagel store, but they don't leave them there.  They clean 'em up.

Clinton Makes Gay Marriage Robo-calls
RUSH: Bill Clinton is out there making robo-calls in support of same-sex marriage.  I think that's funny.  I think Clinton thinks that this is some sex marriage.  I think he's in favor of any sex marriage.  I think Clinton's in favor of any sex whether there's marriage or not.  If somebody said, "Hey, we've got some sex calls --" (imitating Clinton) "Oh, hey, I'll do it! Show me the script."  Ha-ha. 

Daily Caller: Obama's Wide Stance on Gay Marriage
RUSH: Try this headline from The Daily Caller:  "Obama Takes Wide Stance on Gay Marriage to Placate Voting Blocs."  Yep.  Isn't that what got Larry Craig in trouble, a wide stance?  Well, Obama's taking one out there, a wide stance on gay marriage.  Well, there's nothing here about toe tapping.  Just a wide stance. 


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