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"I live in Realville, and we're in the middle of this giant spin thing, and there isn't any journalism anymore. It's just a bunch of celebrities. Obama's getting accolades for his good intentions. Not one substantive thing has happened."

"Obama hasn't even signed the nondiscrimination executive order. And this is something that gay rights groups have been pushing, and he's refused to sign it. He continues to refuse to sign it. When it comes time to put teeth to this, Obama keeps the mouth closed. He's not moving legally or forcefully at all on this."

"Obama's on the right side of history? When in human history has marriage not been the union of a man and a woman?"

"I wonder why you haven't heard anything about the unemployment numbers today. The Drive-Bys aren't talking about it. Nobody's talking about it."

"The Washington Post can find out what Romney was doing in high school, but they can't be bothered to find out what Obama's college transcripts were -- or even some of his writings through college and law school."

"So we are six months away from the election, and the White House, quite naturally, wants to talk about anything but the economy, anything but health care, anything having to do with anything Obama has tried to accomplish."

"Obama has just started hammering another nail in the coffin that will house his first term. They are laughing out there. It's not 2008 where we're gonna lower the sea levels and all that happy horse manure. It's 2012, where there's a disastrous economic record -- and this solemnity and the gravity and the seriousness and the importance of gay marriage?"

"Obama admitted in his first biography that he's tried cocaine. Has the Washington Post ever tried to find the seller? They haven't? Has the Washington Post ever tried to find the neighborhood where it happened to talk to other people who might have been around when Barry was doing cocaine? Yeah, I haven't seen that article, either."

"Not a thing has changed. Obama even said that states ought to continue to decide the issue of gay marriage -- which means he agrees with what happened in North Carolina, interestingly. But guess what? Nothing happens! There's no substance. Nothing changes. Nothing."

"There isn't any journalism anymore. It's just a bunch of celebrities. Some of them are on the top rung. Some of them are on the next rung, and some of them are on the lower rung and they're all trying to get to the top rung of the celebrity ladder, not the journalism ladder."

"All you people writing checks, you might want to call the bank. Well, I'm just trying to help. All Obama said was that the states have sway over this. Nothing has really changed."

"There is gonna be a big bash, a $40,000 a plate fundraiser at Clooney's house tonight in Hollywood. You know what's gonna happen? Obama's gonna get there, and all these people are gonna see him speak, and they're gonna applaud him, 'Mr. President, guts, courage.' Nothing's changed."

"If you had long hair in 1965, you were gonna get razzed. It didn't matter. They weren't gonna think you were in the Beatles. If you had long hair in 1965, you were gonna get made fun of."

"We have rising unemployment. We have a plummeting economy. We have national debt and individual debt piling up. Home values are plummeting. We have a health care bill on the verge of implementation that nobody wants. And Obama is hobnobbing at 40 grand a person where he will tonight be feted with accolade after accolade after accolade for all of his great, courageous hard work on gay marriage. An issue that, so far, people in 32 states have turned down."

"The media presents the National Organization for Women as the one organization speaking for, representing the interests of women. And it's a crock. And of course they say that I am a reprobate and filled with hate and I must be taken off the air. So we've assembled a Facebook page that has many more women who don't want anything that the NAGs want. The address, by the way, if you'd like to check it out and become a friend is Facebook.com/RushBabesforAmerica."


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