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Hollywood Actresses Dump Men for Sex Toys
RUSH: I saw a story. Snerdley, I had this the stack and because this program has standards, I didn't get to this story.  But I think it might actually fit somehow, somewhere here.  You know what it was?  A story about Hollywood actresses, led by Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives, but a lot of others.  I don't remember the names, but they were famous.  You would recognize all the names.  The premise of the story is they don't need males.  It was a sex toy story and how they're far more satisfied with sex toys.  It was in the UK Daily Mail and it was a story about the sales and marketing success of sex toys in the UK.

It had a companion attachment talking about Hollywood actresses with pictures and quotes from these women about how they've got it so good. "I don't need men. I don't need males."  Yeah.  I didn't do it 'cause there's nothing really to relate it to.  I don't know why it popped into my head now.  But it did.

Politico: Gay Marriage Could Lose Obama Seven Battleground States
RUSH: The Politico, ladies and gentlemen, says that Obama's support for gay marriage could cause him to lose at least seven battleground states.  The Politico says this.  The battleground states that Obama could lose because of support for gay marriage are North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Ohio and Missouri.  And of course every one of these states you either got hayseed hicks or nearly dead old white people or whatever.  That's also part of the story.  The reason why Obama might lose 'em is because of the reprobates that live there, the people that are caught living 50, 60 years ago in the past, so forth and so on. 

Football Writer Questions Whether Game Worth the Risk
RUSH: One of the most respected, prolific professional football writers in the country is Peter King of Sports Illustrated.  He's on the Hall of Fame committee. He's one of the most accomplished and one of the most respected of all writers in the NFL. 

One of his good friends is a guy named Rick Gosselin.  I knew Gosselin from Kansas City.  He's at the Dallas Morning News.  Gosselin was part of the bunch of us that played flag football when I was with the Royals. We played flag football every Thursday afternoon after work. Well, we'd leave work early, four o'clock.  After the baseball season, we'd play the Chiefs front office, the Royals front office would. Sometimes some players would come out and members of the media.  And Gosselin played every Thursday, rain or shine, mud, snow, didn't matter. Those afternoons were some of the most fun in my life. Peter King wasn't there, but Gosselin was. 

And I just want to read to you something Peter King wrote in his Monday Morning Quarterback column on the Sports Illustrated website.  "I am thinking about the game," the NFL, "and about all the head trauma, and I need to do some more thinking about whether it's in anyone's long-term interests to play this game."

I read this to you because I wanted to have it confirmed for you that people whose lives, whose livings are made from this game, are thinking about the possibility that it should be shut down, that it might be shut, that it's in nobody's interest to play the game.  For Peter King to write this?  "I need to do some more thinking about whether it's in anyone's long-term interests to play this game."

I told you, folks.  There are people paving the way for some people down the road to officially or adamantly suggest this game be banned.  People paving the way, media people who cover it.  I thought that was incredible.  "I need to do some more thinking about whether it's in anyone's long-term interests to play this game." All the head trauma, the Junior Seau suicide.  Don't doubt me, ladies and gentlemen, don't doubt me. 


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