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EIB Guest Host: Mark Davis

 Longtime Dallas-Fort Worth radio star Mark Davis is an op-ed page columnist for the Dallas Morning News and a featured commentator on KDFW Fox 4 and WFAA Channel 8.


Veepstakes: Fangs

Thune Doesn't Say No to Number 2 Spot

"If you, as the nominee, so urgently need someone hot and exciting to be your running mate, you're in trouble already. John McCain was in trouble already." - Mark Davis

"I don't care about the sex or race of the running mate. The thing that I'm focusing on is competence -- bedrock competence." - Mark Davis 

Cleaning House

JPMorgan Exec Ina Drew Becomes First Casualty of Bad Trade

JPMorgan Trading Flap Stirs Congress

"It is a bad thing if government rushes in with nanny-state regulations to protect the next JPMorgan Chase from making the same mistake.  This is why all bailouts are wrong. Banks, car companies, radio stations, Popsicle stands, if they succeed there's a lesson in that. If they fail, there's a lesson in that. Let us learn from the lessons." - Mark Davis

Definition of Marriage

"What gay marriage does is bring into focus the difference between men and women. If it's the same thing for me to marry a man as it is to marry a woman, that is where law begins to equate manhood and womanhood, fatherhood and motherhood, and that's problematic." - Mark Davis

RNC Chairman Priebus: Fight Over Gay Marriage Not Jim Crow

Vulnerable Dem Senators Balk at Obama's Gay Marriage Stance

Newsweek's Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama: The First Gay President

"If two guys or two girls want to get married, it's none of my business. What is my business is which marriages are legally recognized with the attendant benefits. We should be able to confer those benefits because we're decent people, and not confer with it a blurring of the definition of marriage." - Mark Davis


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