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State-by-State Gallup Polls Show Huge Obama Loss... Democrat Candidate Closes on Obama in Arkansas Primary.... Gay Marriage Backlash for Obama... Perdue Chicken People: We're Not Related to Dumplin'... Identity Politics Not Working for Preezy... Heavyweight Battle: Moochelle vs. The Oprah... Walker Recall Falls Apart for Libs...

Failure is Part of Capitalism

RUSH: Have you noticed how the media, the Democrats are going nuts over Jamie Dimon and, what is it, the $2 billion trade loss at JPMorgan Chase?  You know, I really do believe because capitalism has not been taught, so many people do not understand that winning and losing is part of the deal.

Breastfeeding Babes Defend TIME Mom

RUSH: It's an interesting cycle now where a breast-feeding mom in the midst of the War on Women shows up on the cover of TIME Magazine and we are inundated with calls from young mothers totally supportive of her.  This is not a good day for NOW.  They're not happy here.  Don't doubt me on this.

Bam Bashes Media at Barnard

RUSH: What planet is he living on?  The news media is full of his agenda every day.  If the graduates at Barnard College are depressed and out of sorts it's because he has made the whole country that way.  Blaming the media now? Let me ask you a question, folks.  If you and I got the kind of press Obama gets, would you complain about it?

The Regime's Class Warfare Backfire

RUSH: They ran this late on Friday, The Politico did, I think in an effort to try to bury the details of the story Friday afternoon, in a White House-type document dump. "Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that the United States benefits from having a rich class." That is a slam-dunk defeat for Obama.

Two If By Tea Grill N' Chill Sweepstakes!

RUSH: Memorial Day is right around the corner, folks -- summertime soon in full swing.  Let me ask you, what could be better than an Allen Brothers feast on a brand-new top-of-the-line grill? If you are one of the lucky winners of our latest and greatest Two If By Tea sweepstakes, you will be able to invite your friends and family, maybe the entire town, over to your place for a Memorial Day feast.


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