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After Rush Babes for America Launch, Facebook Hikes IPO Size by 25%
RUSH: Have you seen where Facebook, the Zuckerberg guy, has decided to increase the size of their initial public offering by 25%, which could boost their value by $16 billion?  You know, I knew the Rush Babes for America Facebook page was a hit, but I'm tired of making money for everybody else.  Where's my cut?  We put up the Rush Babes for America Facebook page and their value goes up $16 billion. 

Time-Zone Trouble for Your Host
RUSH: I do not have a cold.  Sounds like that.  I was just up late again.  Here's the deal.  This is what happened.  On Friday afternoon here I left, which normally I do every day, I leave.  I flew to Hawaii, and I was there for 24 hours, and I flew back to Missouri, and I was there for a while, for the Hall of Famous Missourians.  I'm catching up here.  I wouldn't call this jet lagged.  I'd call it time zone confusion.  In the first place, the flight out there was like ten hours.  Then you get out there, and they're six hours behind. 

So I left here at 3:30 in the afternoon Friday, I got out there at 7:30, something like that.  Well, the night's still young at 7:30.  I didn't go to bed 'til five in the morning.  I stayed up all night. I was out on the deck, the ocean, I was reading out there, five in the morning. I got up five hours later, went and did some stuff.  Then we left at like seven in the morning on Sunday to get back.  That put us in St. Louis at eight o'clock at night. Then I had to try to go to bed, get some sleep for the Hall of Famous.  Anyway, the point of all this is I looked up and it was three a.m. this morning and I wasn't sleepy, but I went to bed anyway.

The cat was going nuts.  Punkin, I have never seen my cat so mad.  You know, these cats, Punkin's now 12 or something, and I'm told that when cats get older they get needier.  Well, it's true in this case.  My little cat will not leave me alone.  If I haven't fed the cat by five in the afternoon, comes and gets me, makes me go feed her.  If I haven't made a move to the bedroom by midnight, here comes cat.  It's meowing and growling and getting in my face. It's climbing up on my shoulders as I'm sitting on the sofa, jumps down, starts biting my ankle.  I'm not kidding you.  I kick her away, "No, Punkin, leave me alone.  You want to eat again, wait.  We'll go upstairs in just a second."  I kept putting it off, putting it off.  The cat is literally mad at me.  Three years ago the cat couldn't have cared less, but now Punkin's mad at me.  So, anyway, I finally went up.  I don't have a cold. (interruption) I sound hoarse?  Well, then that's what it is.  (interruption) No, I was not staying up late waiting for Obama to call to congratulate me on getting into the Missouri Hall of Famous Missourians.  I've told you before, if the phone rang, I wouldn't answer it anyway.  I do not use the telephone.  When the phone rings at home, I don't answer it, pure and simple. 

GM Drops Facebook Ads
RUSH: Speaking of Facebook.  This is not good for the IPO.  General Motors is canceling their ad campaign on Facebook.  "General Motors Co. plans to stop advertising on Facebook after the auto maker’s executives determined their paid ads had little impact on consumers." This is a Wall Street Journal report.  It's a disappointing development just days ahead of Facebook's IPO.  So GM puts some ads on Facebook, they don't work, and they blame Facebook.  I don't know what they were advertising.  It could well be that nobody -- by the way, General Motors, Obama's sitting around saying that they fully repaid their loans and they're profitable. 

We bailed 'em out to the tune of a hundred billion dollars, and they're worth $34 billion.  There's no way that that's being reported about General Motors -- and, by the way, just so everybody knows, everybody here wants General Motors to succeed.  Nobody delights in saying this.  But they're putting out misinformation about this, about how Obama's bailout has worked and it's a great example of how government can save a private sector business. That has not happened.

WaPo Scare Story on Obamacare and SCOTUS

RUSH: Washington Post: "Next month, America’s health insurance plans may lose $1 trillion in revenue." May lose.  You know why?  "One trillion is the amount of revenue that health insurance plans can expect to lose if the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act."  Might lose.  This is a story about health insurance plans losing money that they think they will have, but they don't have yet.  This is total BS.  You can't lose what you don't have.  If you don't get what you're expecting, you can't lose it.  You have to have it to lose it.  They don't have it.  And where's the trillion dollars coming from anyway?  We don't have that.  So it's a scare tactic, and this story is aimed right at justices on the US Supreme Court.

So, folks, if I don't win the lottery next week, then I will lose $10 million.  That's what the Washington Post wants you to believe.  It's simply a scare tactic.  Nobody has the trillion, including us, to give it away to any health care providers. 


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