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Reuters: Europe Could Sink Obama
RUSH: Some Drudge headlines:  Reuters:  "Europe Could Sink Obama." 

Bank Runs in Greece
RUSH: "Bank Run Fears Hit the European Union."  There have been a run on banks in Greece, by the way. 

Gallup: Romney Takes 9-Point Favorability Lead
RUSH:  Gallup has a poll out.  Mitt Romney, a nine-point favorability lead over Barack Obama. 


Two Election Scenarios from John Ellis
RUSH: We haven't talked about presidential politics much today, but nothing is much changed.  In fact, somebody sent me something last night.  One of the members of the Bush family, John Ellis is his name. In fact, John Ellis, if my memory is right, back in 2000 John Ellis was one of the directors of Fox election night coverage.  He was the guy who made the calls state by state for Fox as to who won the state, be it Bush or Gore.  I think it was John Ellis.  He's no longer there.  But he is a Bush family member, somewhat distant.  For example, Jeb Bush, the J-E in Jeb is for John Ellis.  This guy's name is John Ellis.

But anyway, just trying to establish who the guy is.  I think he made the original call for Bush in Florida and then had to change it and then the whole thing blew up on every network.  But now he's out on his own as a pollster, a blogger, an analyst.  And somebody sent me some of his stuff last night.  He's got two predictions on the presidential outcome.  It's either going to be a narrow Obama victory or a sweeping Romney victory.  Those are the two scenarios that he sees.  A narrow Obama win or a sweeping Romney win.  He doesn't side on either way, doesn't emphasize either way, have a preference for either way or doesn't have an indication to either way, but it sounded pretty right to me.  I think if Romney wins this, it's gonna be big.  I don't think he's gonna be eking out some victory.  If Romney wins this thing, it's gonna be huge.  And I think he's exactly right.  If Obama wins this thing, it's gonna be very, very narrow and it'll be narrow for a lot of extraneous reasons that have nothing to do with civics 101.

Check the Lede on Drudge
RUSH: Folks, I want you right now to go to the Drudge Report and take a look at the lead item.  DrudgeReport.com, check the lead item and we will see you tomorrow on Open Line Friday.




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