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"If I'm the CEO at NBC and I'm listening to my number one anchor say, 'I don't know who the Democrat presidential nominee is,' a week before the election, why am I paying you a dime? You're not even doing your job."

"I left New York for tax reasons. I'm the first one to admit it, and I'm not the only one."

"So, if it's a more favorable tax haven that you can find elsewhere and you go there, why is it automatically that you are unpatriotic? Why is it automatically that you are a coward, that you are not paying your fair share? It's this whole class envy thing rearing its head again."

"NBC is attempting to imply that Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin from quite a ways away. Honestly, I don't know what's happened to this network. It's not just MSNBC that's gone over the cliff. The parent network, NBC, has as well. There's no pretense anymore."

"If Obama were a Republican, the entire world would know every detail of his life. The media would be spending countless amounts of money going back however many years to find out whatever kind of dirt there was on Obama."

"I tried to warn people that the presidential campaign was not gonna look a whole lot like -- now, having said that, Romney does have a rapid response team that does get in gear responding to what Obama says. You gotta give him credit for that, but they're not gonna go after Obama this way. They've made that very clear."

"The thing that I don't understand, I don't know where the Reverend Jackson finds the time to have all these affairs. With so much racism in America occupying his time, where does he find the time?"

"This stuff gets so tiring, folks. It really does. You've been to one debt limit deal party, you've been to all of them."

"Journalists, by definition, are supposed to be incurably curious. That's what's supposed to drive journalists, their curiosity, their insatiable desire for information and news and their desire to be first with it when they learn it."

"Now that it's an election year, the Republicans are going to be sensitive to charges that they will be comfortable with Social Security checks not being cut and Medicaid checks not being made. It's the same old rigmarole and it's just tiring. Isn't exceeding your debt limit irresponsible, Little Timmy?"

"If you're interested in economic opportunity, if you are interested in economic growth. If you are interested in finding a career, plus a job, Obama's not for you."

"There is a transformation of this country taking place. There is an expansion of government taking place on purpose. The private sector, the capitalistic free market, the place where 99% of people in the country... well, not that much anymore, sadly, work and live, where the opportunity is in this country, or the economic opportunity exists in this country is shrinking by design and on purpose."

"Fiscal responsibility, there is no pretense of that. There was some journalist wringing his hands over the fact that Obama hasn't yet proposed anything on entitlement reform. He's never going to! Entitlement reform, what the heck do you people think Obamacare is? It's a brand-new one. There's no reform of entitlements proposed on the Democrat side."

"If you want a country where success is rewarded, not punished, if you want a country where hard work and the resulting success from it are applauded and pointed to as almost the way you'd look at an individual who is an idol, if you want an economy that produces people that end up inspiring others to do great things, Obama's not for you."

"I was just reviewing this e-mail we got, this great e-mail from one of the three grand prize sweepstakes winners at Two If By Tea, and it hit me. We send more to our sweepstakes winners than Obama sends to his family in Kenya. It's incredible."


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