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Two If By Tea Contest Winners Receive Congratulatory Phone Calls


RUSH: I have to read you an e-mail.  Last night Kathryn and I called the three winners of the most recent Two If By Tea sweepstakes who get the 15, $1600 big, gigantic professional barbecue grill of their choice, a refrigerator stocked full of Allen Brothers filets and jumbo hot dogs and steak burgers, ten cases of Two If By Tea, their choice of flavors, an official Rush Revere apron.  It's a grill apron, real leather.  And a branding iron for the steak, which says "USA" on it. 

One of the people we called we got voice mail.  The other two picked up.  In fact, the voice mail, we left the message, Kathryn and I got on the phone and told them who we were, congratulating them.  We tell them we're sorry that they weren't there to pick up the phone.  And after I said to Kathryn, "Let's call back. Maybe they'll pick up the next time.  And if they don't, we'll just assure 'em the first call wasn't a prank."  So we called 'em back, and they still didn't pick up, went to voice mail.  I assured them that the first call was from us and that it wasn't a prank and told 'em that a member of our highly overrated staff would be getting a hold of them -- it's an affectionate term -- to deal with the details. You know, what kind of flavors do you want, where do we ship, this kind of stuff. 

And one of the winners was Kathleen from Marion, Ohio.  And she sent a note to Elizabeth on our staff. 

Thank you so much.  I can hardly believe this.  We've been fans of Rush for years.  My family loves the tea, especially my father.  I am so disappointed I missed Rush's phone call.  What a treat that would have been.  We have a small dairy goat herd, and I was out doing barn chores.  As you can imagine the tea is a very refreshing drink to have in the barn.  Yeah, we think about that.  As a side note, we have radios playing in both barns, chickens and goats, 24/7.  We do this to listen while doing chores and to discourage any coyotes from coming in for lunch.  We also have the radio set to Rush and other talk shows.  Consequently, we have very conservative animals who are up on all the current events of the day. 

For instance, last night I heard the goats discussing the run on Greek banks, and the hens are very concerned about QE3.  We have five kids, two married, three with significant others, two grandchildren, one on the way.  They're here nearly every weekend, as we tend to be the chefs.  The kettle that we have needs to be retired, so we would love to take delivery here.

They told us what kind of grill they want and ordered the various kinds of tea and the apron and so forth.  They asked for certain monogram on it.  "Can hardly believe this, thank you so much."  Great, great, great winner, Kathleen from Marion, Ohio, a goat herd farmer.  I wanted to it share that with you because that's the one winner that we were not able to talk to last night. 


RUSH:  You know, I was just reviewing this e-mail we got, this great e-mail from one of the three grand prize sweepstakes winners at Two If By Tea, and it hit me.  We send more to our sweepstakes winners than Obama sends to his family in Kenya.  It's incredible.  



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