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Pearls of Wisdom

"This is undeniable truth number one in this scenario. Liberals cannot tell the truth about what they believe. They would never win elections, other than a few, maybe three or four places in this country. They would never win, and certainly not national elections."

"Liberals are the people of 'No!' There's no tolerance whatsoever among people on the left."

"If a conservative doesn't believe in God, he doesn't go to church. Period. He doesn't tell you that you that you have to stop believing in God. Conservative doesn't chide you for going to church. A conservative doesn't call a member of Congress and make church illegal. But a liberal does that."

"You know, even now, after almost 24 years of doing this particular show and another three-and-a-half years of the show in Sacramento before it went national, 27-and-a-half years, something like that, I am still surprised sometimes over what ignites the audience."

"Liberals demand conformity to what they believe. They demand it! They are not tolerant of anything else."

"If a conservative doesn't like a radio show, he changes the channel. Liberals, if they don't like a radio show, demand that the show be shut down. And if the show isn't voluntarily shut down, then they try other avenues to get the show shut down."

"If a liberal doesn't like somebody, nobody else can, either. If you're having fun and a liberal is miserable, which is most of the time, whatever it is that brings you pleasure has gotta be stopped."

"Liberals are professionally offended, and if something offends them, it must stop."

"What's the difference in a chicken that's raised inside a pen and one that's running around in the backyard? Nothing. They pump steroids into the chickens everywhere."

"I believe that in almost every cultural, social event setting, news story, what have you, there is a left-and-right aspect to it. I know people who are interested in politics only around elections, for the most part, are apolitical. They don't want to hear it. They don't want to think about things being political. It turns 'em off. But it's crucial to understanding people and their motivations and the way they interact with you."

"From CNN. 'GOP Problem: 'Their Voters are White, Aging and Dying Off.' Can you imagine if there were a headline: 'Democrat Problem: 'Their Voters are Black, Aging and Dependent'? Can you imagine the hell that would break loose if that story were ever printed?"

"You know, being a 'minority' is a mind-set. The way the left has structured things, being a member of a minority is a mind-set with certain entitlements."

"When liberals talk about compromise, they don't mean it. They don't want to take some of our ideas and mix with theirs and have a happy-go-lucky meeting of the minds. That's not what compromise is to them. Compromise to them is us agreeing with them. They don't mind their own business. They don't want to accept anything that we happen to believe."

"Obama is intolerant! You can't have a one-size-fits-all government without intolerance. You cannot have freedom of choice when the federal government dictates details of your life right down to what you eat, what you can drive, and the insurance policy that you will buy."

"If you understand freedom versus oppression. If you understand conservatism versus liberalism. If you understand free markets as opposed to statism. That's really what we're up against, what this election is about, and that's why I'm convinced Obama could lose this in a landslide."

"Government is the enforcement mechanism. Government is the practical manifestation of the ideology of 'no.' Government is where the intolerance is. Government is the all-powerful engine that prevents innovation and choice and creativity."

"Obama has said 'no' to any budgets. The Democrat Party has said 'no' to budgets. Obama has said 'no' to the Keystone pipeline. Obama has said 'no' to reforming entitlements! He has said "no" to doing anything about runaway debt. It's all 'Shut up and sit down, America! Do as I say and there won't be any trouble.' And that's what liberalism is."


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