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Catholic Institutions Sue Regime over HHS Mandate

RUSH: "Some of the most influential Catholic institutions in the country filed suit in federal district court Monday against the so-called contraception mandate, in one of the biggest coordinated legal challenges to the rule to date.  Claiming their 'fundamental rights hang in the balance,' a total of 43 plaintiffs filed a dozen separate lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the requirement," in Obamacare.  "Among the organizations filing were the University of Notre Dame, the Archdiocese of New York and The Catholic University of America."

Forty-three plaintiffs, all objecting to an encroachment on their constitutional religious liberty and freedom.  This is Obama mandating that all of these places engage in policies antithetical to what they believe in regarding contraception, birth control, abortion, what have you.  And again, while some people might think that this is simply Obama trying to protect the health of the grieved bunch of women, women being discriminated against, War on Women and so forth, what's really going on is that you have a dyed-in-the-wool socialist who is demanding that everybody live their life according to what he believes.  This is the antithesis of freedom.  He's not content to personally implement his own beliefs in his own life with his own wife and his own daughters.  Nope, he's got to mandate it on everybody. 

Mandate is in his health care bill.  It's filled with mandates.  It's filled with requirements.  It's filled with fines or you go to jail, in an American health care legislation, or piece of legislation.  And again, this is all understandable if you understand left versus right.  If you understand freedom versus oppression.  If you understand conservatism versus liberalism.  If you understand free markets as opposed to statism.  That's really what we're up against, what this election is about, and that's why I'm convinced Obama could lose this in a landslide. 

Because this country, I don't believe, even though -- and this a frightening number -- even though there are 88 million Americans, adults, who are not working, and they are eating, some people are afraid of that statistic, that it argues that a lot of people are perfectly fine to do nothing and have the government pay them.  And they'll be willing to vote, the man, party, the woman, whoever, will continue that.  But I don't believe a majority of those 88 million want to just throw their lives away.  Some do, no question.  But I don't think we've gotten there yet.  That's why the Tea Party uprising. That's why we're seeing election results since the 2010 midterms. 

War on Women: Females Driven from Workforce

RUSH: The New York Post ran this piece yesterday:  "Where have all the workers gone?  The most recent take from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the participation rate of all US workers is 63.6 percent of the population." That is the lowest percentage of Americans working since 1981, folks.  The labor force participation rate, more people have left the workforce now, giving us a participation rate not seen since 1981.  "This historically low participation number is directly contributing to the lowering of the unemployment rate, since far fewer people are actively searching for work." They're not counted, therefore the unemployment rate is lower. Not because new jobs are being created, but because fewer people are seeking them. 

But that's not what this story's about.  What this story is about is that one of the largest demographics leaving the workforce is adult women.  "The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the rate of female labor participation over the last year has been a statistically significant drop from 58.3 percent in April 2011 to 57.6 percent this April, with 324,000 calling off their job search in March and April, according to the BLS. The rate peaked in April 2000, when it hit 60.3 percent.

"In the last 12 months, 1.3 million jobs have been created, with 90 percent of those positions going to men, according to the BLS. Women have gained just 149,000 jobs. ... One possible explanation: 'There may be some women who are saying, "I don’t have to work, I’m not compelled to work in quite the same way that I was during the recession,"' said John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a job-placement agency. 'These are women who picked up the slack for families or couples during the recession to bring in income, but now that the husband has gone back to work, they have more freedom to leave the work force.'"

That's not what's happening.  Husbands going back to work?  Where's that happening?  Where are all these husbands going back to work?  That's not why women are leaving the workforce.  "The study found that the career behaviors of college-educated women correlate directly to their husband’s income." Oh, no.  You know what that means.  College-educated women, when their husband's income reaches a certain level, decide to leave the job market.  This is not going to please the NAGs.  This is exactly the opposite of what feminism taught.  Women are not supposed to base their decisions on men, marriage, relationships, anything of the sort.  College-educated women leaving the workforce.  "The percentage of working women with high-earning husbands had been on the decline for some time before the recession, according to a soon-to-be-released study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  The study found that the career behaviors of college-educated women correlate directly to their husband’s income."

Now, isn't it interesting -- and I've made this point before -- that women can just say, "Okay, to heck with it, I'm not gonna work anymore," when their husbands' income reaches a certain level.  Most men don't have that kind of flexibility.  In fact, if they try, their resumes are scarred forever.  Most men don't want that, in fact.  But the headline of this story: "Women’s Work Has Come Undone, As Record Numbers Exit Market."  And the implication in this story is they're exiting 'cause they don't have to be there anymore.  And the only reason they were working in the first place was money.  They were only out there to earn a supplemental income.  Now that that's not necessary, the women are out of there. 

What are they doing?  Well, they're having babies.  This is one thing that happens. They have babies, and they decide after the babies, "You know what? I want to stay home. I want to be a mother. I want to raise my kids." And the NAGs, that just ruins their day.  That's the last thing.  That's why there's daycare.  You're not supposed to stay at home after giving birth.  You're supposed to go back to work as soon as you can.  Take all the maternity leave you can get, then go back to work and farm out the kid to daycare and so forth.  This is how you serve the sisterhood and so forth.  It's just a shame.  It's just not working out for them in so many different ways. 

Facebook IPO Falls Flat

RUSH: Facebook looks like it's just under 35 bucks, opened at 38.  Snerdley wanted to know right before break at the top of the hour if I was surprised.  I'm not surprised. Look, I don't want to sit here and start ripping into this.  I am surprised that the underwriters are not continuing to prop it up.  I mean there's an image here, and this is a big image.  I mean this IPO was one of the most eagerly anticipated -- you know, go back to last Thursday and Wednesday, the day before, everybody calculating in the media how many multiple billions Zuckerberg was gonna end up with and Bono was gonna end up with. How many millionaires were gonna be created.  It was a big deal. 

And it started out big.  But, even after the open, I remember on Friday I jokingly said, "I hope the Federal Reserve doesn't have to come in and bail Facebook out at the end of the day."  And now they're trading roughly three, four bucks below their open, 38, and I'm just a little surprised. Maybe the underwriters are tapped out, I guess.  But this is just the market working.  It was overpriced is all this means.  And there's another thing about IPOs.  The general public is pretty much -- at least their representatives, their financial gurus that manage their accounts, are aware that there are really two IPOs. The insiders get in early, and they score all the really good deals, and then by the time it's open to the public, it's okay, but it's not what the insiders -- and I don't mean that in an illegal sense -- it's not what the insiders are getting.  It's a tiered thing, and there's some sophistication to understanding this.  All it means is that the opening price was a little bit high, a little overvalued.  The market is determining the price and the value of Facebook stock right now. 

I wasn't even gonna mention this, but Snerdley asked me about it.  I'll just tell you, folks, the thing, the big news to me about Facebook last week was General Motors announcing that their ads on Facebook had not worked.  If you're at Facebook, you want anybody saying anything but that.  'Cause 900 million people around the world use Facebook.  I mean, it is a huge -- imagine if we had an audience of 900 million what our confiscatory advertising rates would be, because our advertising works. 

They've got 900 million and that's one of the reasons the value of the stock was placed what it was. They really haven't spent a lot of time yet exploring their advertising on Facebook.  In fact, this Eduardo Saverin guy who renounced his citizenship -- a lot of people, by the way, are disagreeing with me about what I said on this on Friday. But nevertheless, his first job was to go out and get advertisers, and they made fun of him.  Zuckerberg and the boys, at least according to the movie, The Social Network. 

What was the Napster guy's name?  Sean Parker.  They were all making fun of Saverin for trying to sell advertising, trying to monetize the thing early on.  And I thought that was strange, if that's actually true.  It's based on a book.  But they really haven't explored their advertising.  When General Motors said it's not working, that to me was the worst news they could have heard, and that happened a couple days before the IPO. 

Former CNN Executive Does to Neighbor What CNN Does to Nation

RUSH: I don't have much on this, but this is what we do have.  From the Atlanta, Georgia, CBS affiliate, WGCL: "Cops: Former CNN Executive Leaves Dog Feces In Neighbor’s Mailbox -- A former high-ranking CNN executive is accused of leaving dog feces in his neighbor’s mailbox."  Police have a video of a guy named Bob Furnad walking with his dog up to the mailbox and placing a bag filled with the dog feces in the mailbox.  The CNN executive told the Covington News that he pulled the prank due to a long-standing feud.  But this is what CNN's doing to the American public on a daily basis, putting feces on our television and calling it news.

No, I'm not making it up.  It's the truth.  Atlanta CBS affiliate.  CNN executive, Bob Furnad, previously an executive vice president and senior executive producer at CNN from 1984 to 1997 before becoming president of CNN Headline News where he held that position until 2001. He's been an ex-executive, I guess, since then.  Dog feces in his neighbor's mailbox.


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