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EIB Guest Host: Mark Davis

 Longtime Dallas-Fort Worth radio star Mark Davis is an op-ed page columnist for the Dallas Morning News and a featured commentator on KDFW Fox 4 and WFAA Channel 8.

Obama Gains NAACP Support for Gay Marriage Political "Evolution"

The NAACP Returns to Relevance with a Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

Court Judgment: Gay Student May Wear "Jesus is Not A Homophobe" T-shirt to Ohio High School

"Being the 2012 election -- really being any kind of year -- just like clockwork, it never really goes away, there's a whole lot of race and a whole lot of gayness and a whole lot of issues involving ethnicity and homosexuality (sometimes in the same story)." - Mark Davis

Will Obama Dump Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton?

Why Not the Best? - ​William Kristol

Why We Could See Biden/Hillary Switcheroo - Jonathan Alter

 "With Joe Biden, you get a nail-biter election. Or, if Romney stays on message and campaigns well, Romney might win and it might not be close. But if Obama runs with Hillary, admit it: He probably wins. He has to be thinking about this. Will he do it? Would it be smart?" - Mark Davis

Hannah Smith, Senior Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

"One of many mottos I live by is 'Choose your heroes carefully.' Always good advice. Well, I try to, and here's one of mine: It's the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. They do a wonderful job sticking up for religious freedom in a tough environment." - Mark Davis

Senior Counsel Hannah Smith's Bio and Recent Articles

Visit BecketFund.org: the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

Becket Fund Praises Courageous Institutions for Joining the Fight for Religious Liberty

Kentucky Pastor Told Flock to Vote out Obama



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