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Hurricane Forecast Disappoints Liberals... Solar-Powered Airplane Cost $100 Million... James Taranto on White Flight from Obama... Berlusconi's Obama Burlesque Games...

Left in Panic Over Bain Attack Backfire

RUSH: There is panic over two things. The Bain attack on Romney isn't working.  And all of these Democrat consultants and all of the Democrat cable TV hosts and the Democrat media people, they are beside themselves.  It isn't working.  They are also very worried that Obama is doubling down on it now in the midst of it not working.

This Memorial Day, Remember Those Who Died Defending Capitalism

RUSH: All of our soldiers who have died fighting communism.  All of our soldiers who have died fighting National Socialism.  It's more than just a day off.  We're in the midst of a presidential campaign where one of the candidates, the incumbent, is running against capitalism on a weekend where we remember, honor, and memorialize those who fought and gave their lives defending it.  Take a moment to think about that this weekend as you go about the other aspects of your day.


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