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Hurricane Forecast Disappoints Liberals
RUSH: You know what I saw this morning during show prep? A major hurricane has not had landfall in the United States in the last six years. When was Katrina? Katrina had to be in the last six years. Maybe what I read was wrong. It was a story about how disappointed the left is that the hurricane forecast for this year is average. (interruption) Well, then that's right. There has been major hurricane landfall, a major hurricane in the last six years.

Katrina was 2005. Wow! That was seven years ago? Holy cow, seven years ago for Hurricane Katrina. Anyway, the story is how the left is all disappointed that the hurricane forecast is for an average number of storms. And what they don't know is these hurricane forecasts are nothing but wild guesses. Even Dr. Gray, the forecaster at the University of Colorado, has said, "I'm not doing it anymore. The end of these forecasts is here." Nobody knows, and nobody can know, but the left is upset.

The media is upset 'cause they want disaster. They want global warming "evidence." After Katrina, Algore and all the global warming people said, "See! Global warming caused that, and it's gonna get even worse! Every hurricane is gonna be a Katrina. We're gonna have destruction -- and it's global warming that's causing these massive, major hurricanes!" It wasn't, and the past seven years have proven that. Again, it just adds to my frustration. Every day there is blatant, easy-as-high-pie-to-see evidence of frauds these people are, of the liars they are.

And how wrong they are to boot about everything they believe.


RUSH: Rich Johnson, formerly of the Weather Channel, is eagerly writing to correct me. He said that Katrina was not the last major hurricane that hit. I technically didn't say it was. I said, "When did Katrina hit?" Because the story was we haven't had one hit in six years, and I thought Katrina was within six years. Wilma hit after Katrina. It was major. We got that one, Snerdley. We got Wilma. It shellacked us. It came across from the Gulf. But still, that's 6-1/2 years ago. The last major hurricane to strike the United States was Hurricane Wilma, and it was October of 2005.

Solar-Powered Airplane Cost $100 Million
RUSH: You know, I've made jokes about the Shuttle being piggybacked by a 747. I said, "Show me the battery. Show me the electric airplane that will get that done." Interestingly, I have a story here in the stack. There is an electric airplane. Here it is. "Solar-Powered Airplane Embarks on First Transcontinental Flight." You wouldn't get on this thing. I have a picture of it here. But I want you to listen to this. And I realize the automobile had to start somewhere, too. I mean, the automobile didn't start out as a Beamer, Mercedes, or Cadillac. It started out as a clunky old thing.

I understand that.

"An experimental solar-powered airplane took off from Switzerland on its first transcontinental flight Thursday, aiming to reach North Africa next week." You could get there on a boat faster than this solar-powered airplane is gonna get you there. "The aircraft features a 207-foot wingspan and more than 12,000 solar panels. The project began in 2003 and is estimated to cost about $100 million over 10 years." One hundred million dollars has been invested in a solar airplane that takes weeks to get from Switzerland to North Africa.

Now, I know where the automobile started out, and you gotta start somewhere and so forth, but $100 million?

"The Swiss traveled to Belgium and France last year to complete the Solar Impulse's first international flight. The mission to Africa is described as the final dress rehearsal before a round-the-world flight that will include stops in the United States using a newer and more improved model scheduled to be unveiled in 2014." It'll probably take a year for this thing, depending on which way it goes. I don't even know if it can make it against the wind. But at least they've got it up. (interruption) It doesn't have a practical purpose. The "purpose," the purpose is to show the future of "green energy."

Show the future!

Yes, we're getting there.

Green energy.

James Taranto on White Flight from Obama
RUSH: James Taranto of Wall Street Journal had a piece, "The Ultimate Dark Horse." There's a great line in this piece: "Nobody is challenging Barack Obama in the Democrat primaries this year and is doing surprisingly well." It's a great line: "Nobody is challenging Obama in the Democrat primaries this year and is doing surprisingly well." But that's not what I want to focus on. Later on in the piece there's this: "We now have seen Obama held under 60% by a slate of three candidates," an "antiabortion extremist," "federal prison inmate," and a "Tennessee lawyer -- not to mention Nobody. ...

"To be sure, it is not the left that is abandoning Obama but white working-class voters, a demographic group that has been moving toward the Republicans, and in a region that swung toward the GOP in 2008 in opposition to the nationwide trend," of Obama. "The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza..." We referenced this earlier this week. It might have been Wednesday. "The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza observes that Obama's poor showings in these states [is due to] a very simple thing: racism."

Now, I want to remind you of something. It was last November, Thomas B. Edsall had a piece in the New York Times. The purpose of the piece was to inform the reader that Obama and the campaign had written off "white, working-class voters." Do you remember now that I remind you? So last November, the regime had written 'em off, "white, working-class voters." I remember making a big deal out of it 'cause I couldn't believe it. An incumbent president sends a minion out to inform the world, via a column in the New York Times, that he is abandoning the votes of white working-class Americans in his reelection effort?

Now we get a story: Okay, so Obama's abandoning them, not seeking their votes. So they're not giving him their votes -- and now, all of a sudden, they are the racists! They did abandon Obama. They didn't want to of my part of Obama 2008. But it wasn't by big numbers. But now Obama says (paraphrased exchange), "To hell with you guys! I'm not interested in your votes." They say, "Okay, fine. We don't want to vote for you anyway," and the reason? They are racists! It's the regime that wasn't interested in their votes. The regime was not interested in the votes of the bitter clingers.

Berlusconi's Obama Burlesque Games
RUSH: Drudge has a story that just went up, apparently Silvio Berlusconi, former prime minister of Italia, now and then for his wild parties, would have a beautiful Dominican woman dress up like Barack Obama at some of his parties.  I don't know what happened after that.  She'd just dress up as Obama and show up at Berlusconi's bashes.



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