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Morning Update: Protest Sallie!

About 100 people showed up in Newark, Delaware last Thursday. They were protesting the Student Loan Marketing Association, SLMA, known as “Sallie Mae,” which services government and student loans.

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How Many Jobs Has the EIB Network Created?

RUSH: At no time when we started the EIB Network did anybody say that our purpose here is to create jobs in radio. We were trying to do a good show that attracted an audience so we could charge confiscatory advertising rates -- and that's where it stopped. Now, what's happened? Since that success, since the EIB Network's success, look at all the AM radio stations still on the air that probably wouldn't be. Look at all the conservative talk shows. There has been massive job creation.

Obama to Wage Campaign Based on Fear

RUSH: The Obama campaign intends to portray Romney as, quote, "the most conservative nominee Republicans have had going back to Goldwater."  I hope they do. This is Romney's big problem.  He's not conservative enough for many on the Republican side of the aisle.  So if Obama tries to tag this guy as Goldwater or Reagan, bring it on, that would be the best possible endorsement Romney could get.  People don't fear Barry Goldwater anymore.  People are not afraid of Barry Goldwater.  They fear Obama.

Dems Organize Hecklers to Tell Romney to Get Out of West Philadelphia Neighborhood

RUSH: Romney attempting outreach, goes into an inner city school to talk about his education ideas in West Philly and is basically told to get the hell out.  "What are you doing here, pal?  We don't want you here."  It won't be long before we hear some civil rights leader saying, "They don't care about us, the Republicans, they don't care about us. They never reach out. They never try."  So it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.


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