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Pearls of Wisdom

original"I live in Realville, and I'm hell-bent here on people understanding exactly who Barack Obama is. I don't think this guy ought to get 10% of the vote if there were an election today. It is an utter disaster, what's happened, and what is happening."

"It's probably safe to say that Donald Trump and I (singularly or combined) have created more jobs than Obama has, or the Obama administration. We've certainly created more jobs than the Democrat Party has in the last three years."

"There hasn't been a success story in green energy. There isn't a business there. It's an absolute joke. It's nothing more than a money laundering scheme using green energy as the emotional connection to people, have them support it, while money just travels a circuitous route from donor to Obama, back to donor and finally back to Obama."

"How does having an ID that proves that you are who you are stop you from voting? It's the other way around. Everything's upside down here"

"It's the little stuff that is so telling. The little stuff that most people don't even notice. Actually, maybe most people do. It doesn't get a whole lot of attention. It's here and gone before you know it, but it is so, so telling."

"This cannibal, this guy down in Florida, he's got more in common with the Occupy movement than he does any other group in this country. Well, the same kind of perverted stuff goes on. Maybe not cannibalism, but I mean you've got every other example of human depravity going on within the Occupy movement."

"It's worse than irresponsible. It's reprehensible what Holder is doing."

"It doesn't take long to drive through Realville. You know, people drive through Realville every day. Not very many people stop, and most people that travel through Realville don't know they've been there. That's how tiny it is."

"Government can't protect losers. All it does is makes more losers, under the guise of assistance, help and protection."

"So what Holder and the boys are trying to do is make it easy for voter fraud to exist. That's the only reason to oppose a photo ID for voting."

"Voter registration is not a problem. Maybe getting people interested in registering in certain places is, but it's not a burden. It isn't hard. It's easy. This is the kind of stuff that keeps this country torn apart, folks. And this is the kind of stuff that puts a big obstacle, a giant roadblock in the way of ever overcoming some of this stuff."

"It's the little things that tell you so much about who people like Obama really are. We don't need speeches in front of 200,000 people in Berlin to figure out who this guy is. All we need to know is who he respects and admires."


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