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"Obama's already-passed legislation will begin to take even more out of the private sector. When you raise taxes, when you increase regulations, you take money out of the private sector. And more of that is on tap. This is as good as it gets with Obama."

"If the labor force participation rate was the same today as it was when Obama took office, the unemployment rate would have been reported today as 10.9%. It would be 10.9% if the same number of people were in the job market today as when Obama was inaugurated."

"We have a president who is running against capitalism. We have a president whose campaign is based on running against what made America great."

"Obama's attacks on capitalism have become so dangerously absurd that the Democrats who are giving Romney and Bain Capital high praise full well understand what's going on."

"The number one line of attack from the regime is being rejected by prominent Democrat governors all over this country. Bill Clinton is the latest. Cory Booker, Newark mayor, Lanny Davis, Deval Patrick. We have a president who has isolated himself from his party, isolated himself from free markets."

"Barack Obama has created $5 trillion in new debt to create an absolute economic mess. And as Romney says, he gets an F, it's a failure, it isn't working. A government centered society fails every time it's tried."

"We've had three-and-a-half years of Obamaism. We haven't had any real growth in anything, other than bad news."

"Our country needs new leadership."

"There is no evidence out there anywhere that anything other than this jobs number could be true. So I just want to have it on record, I, El Rushbo, am not surprised, but it does depress me."

"I've never seen a bunch of blinder bats than the current national White House Washington press corps. You could argue what it is that's blinding them, but nevertheless, they are."

"The only war that Obama's winning is the war on the economy. It's probably the only war that he feels strongly about."

"Obama's out in Minnesota right now, one of his six fundraisers today, very near Wisconsin, blaming Congress for the lack of jobs. Congress hasn't done enough. And he said, 'We can't come out of this overnight.' Overnight? For crying out loud, you've told us for the past two years that we have come out of it. For the past two years, Mr. President, you've told us we are on the rebound. Now it's Congress' fault?"

"We're three-and-a-half years now into the Obama administration, and the idea that any of this is lingering from George W. Bush is absurd."

"Even Democrat websites today, even the MSNBCs and the CNNs, they're not blaming Bush today. They are so low when they look up they see the gutter."

"I got a suggestion, Steny Hoyer, Chris Van Hollen, all the rest of you, let's just cut to the chase, just blame George Washington. He started it all. He's the first president. Blame it on him. Or, if you want, blame it on Lincoln. Or go back and blame it on Nixon. What a bunch of gutless wonders."

"Nothing in the last 3-1/2 years that's happened is how you build a party, folks. There's no party-building going on, and the polling data -- and these people live and die by it. The numbers of people that self-identify as conservatives and Republicans is overwhelmingly atop Democrats who self-identify as Democrats."

"The Democrats and the truth are strangers. The Democrats normally can't use the truth. The truth about what they are and what they want to do would kill them, as evidenced by this."

"The only time I can recall in many years prominent Democrats defending capitalism is in the context of endorsing the Republican nominee while undermining their president's primary reelection strategy. Once you admit one truth, others are likely to follow. And the truth will doom the Democrat Party."

"If Barack Obama causes a worldwide depression, the Democrat Party is not gonna survive it. And the Bill Clintons will be forgotten, footnotes in history. The Democrat Party will be in the ash heap of history if this guy is allowed to do what he wants to do. It isn't Bush. It's not Reagan. It's not any of Obama's enemies. Barack Obama is the one that put us on this path, and he's driving the car, he's got the keys, and he's got the pedal to the metal."


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