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Pearls of Wisdom

"Where does salt go to get its reputation back?"

"Everybody trying to force you to live a certain way happens to have a political ideology. They do. It's not even arguable."

"If Obama is so universally loved, particularly among Democrats, and if they've got a turnout problem, if that's the number one objective for Democrats in Wisconsin tomorrow is turnout, why not send this universally adored, loved, and popular president in there?"

"The Democrats lie to themselves. They create these false realities to live in, and I love it when they get so shocked they can't believe it."

"I've always believed it's the people that make the country work. It's the people that determine an economy. What government does is put obstacles in their way or remove them. Bush removed obstacles. But not all of them. He wasn't perfect. Reagan removed obstacles. Obama has put obstacles in people's way."

"I don't know if there's a bunch of Republicans who secretly like Obamacare. But what I do know is that there are a lot of Republicans who have spines of linguine, who think that the American people want it, and they're scared to death that they're going to lose the election if they go for flat-out repeal."

"The Queen gave Elton John a Knighthood. I didn't have to do that. I didn't have to come up with some ceremonial award or anything in order to secure the performance, the appearance of Elton John at my wedding."

"If the rumor had been that Clinton had fathered a child maybe a bigger crowd would have shown up because that is a resumé enhancement on the Democrat side."

"If presidents have no control over the economy, then how can anything be Bush's fault either?"

"Winning is becoming stigmatized. Winning is considered to be unfair because somebody loses. And that means somebody's feelings get hurt."

"All I do is point out the lies and the inconsistencies of the Democrat Party and the American left, and that is why I'm a problem."

"The phrase 'people who make the country work,' I oughta trademark it, because it's mine.

"The jobs that are being created are part-time. They're hamburger flipper jobs. And that news is being hidden. It's not being reported in the mainstream. It's all part of the cover-up."

"Look at all the money we've spent and the exact opposite has happened. It's devastating for Keynesians. It's devastating for the big government crowd. Everybody knows now it doesn't work. But that's up against the media trying to tell everybody that it can and will and perhaps even has, depending on how biased the network happens to be."

"The Republican establishment is focused on 20%: The independents. They think the election is going to be won and lost there. They're scared to death."

"I'm seriously beginning to think that much of what is wrong with us generally, and particularly health-wise, is due to the way the liberal academia, liberal scientists, report what they do and study what they do. It's not science. It's nothing more than an agenda that is supposedly cloaked in science, but it's nothing more than agenda-driven liberalism."

"I've never followed conventional wisdom. I don't go along with the crowd."


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