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Who Knew She was Racist? Maureen Dowd Criticizes Obama
RUSH: Maureen Dowd over the weekend, on Sunday, had a piece that all the Beltway types are buzzing about. All of the Washington establishment was atwitter -- ah bzz, bzz, bzz, bzzz! -- and buzzing over Maureen Dowd's column over the weekend. It was entitled "Dreaming of a Superhero," and in it she seems to be turning her back on Obama.

She's very critical.

She almost mocks him, almost makes fun of him.

I never knew she was a racist until I read that piece.

Majority of 69,000 Jobs Created in May Were Part-Time
RUSH: I do want to add on to the unemployment news we had Thursday and Friday of last week. If you'll recall, 69,000 jobs were added. And if you'll recall, the previous two months' numbers were revised -- and we learned that we lost 49,000 jobs that were not reported in those two months, March and April. Now we've learned something very important about the 69,000 jobs that were announced as having been "created" in the month of May.

Part-time jobs are at an all-time high according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are over 28 million part-time jobs. And the fact of the matter is (I don't know the exact number), the vast majority of the 69,000 jobs that were announced as being created in the month of May were part-time jobs. According to Zero Hedge: "[T]he quality composition of the NFP report was just abysmal and makes any reported 'increase' in those employed into a sad farce." "[T]he increase in part-time jobs in May compared to April: 618,000, or the fifth highest on record."

"It gets better: when added with the 508,000 increase in part-time jobs in April, this is the largest two month increase in part time-jobs in history." So the 69,000 jobs announced last Thursday or Friday -- and remember, the world reacted negatively. Europe and the stock markets reacted negatively. It's even worse than reported because the bulk of those jobs, the vast majority of them are part-time jobs. They're not career-oriented type jobs. They're part-time work -- and, of course, with no health care benefits. No benefits, period, are attached to these jobs.

NJ Requires Seat Belts for Pets
RUSH: I can remember making jokes about this 10 years ago.  Have you heard that New Jersey -- and I'm dead serious about this -- New Jersey, with a conservative governor, is going to start fining drivers $1,000 for having pets in their cars without wearing a seatbelt?  See, Snerdley doesn't even believe it.  "Oh, come on, can't possibly be true." 

I kid you not.  If this becomes law, you could be fined $1,000 if your pet is not wearing a seatbelt.  Now, this is the kind of thing we used to joke about. We illustrate absurdity by being absurd.  This is the kind of example we'd come up with to point how ridiculous these nanny state people are.  Now absurdity is catching up and it's becoming reality.  It's from the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, Snerdley. 

"New Fines In Place For Cats And Dogs That Don’t Buckle Up In New Jersey."  Now, how in the heck are you going to put your cat or dog in a seatbelt in a car?  How is it even possible? (interruption) No, they just want money.  Anything they can for money. 



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