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Pearls of Wisdom

original"Where is Obama? Is Axelrod the candidate or is Obama the candidate? All Obama's doing is running around doing fundraisers."

"If Bob Shrum could be anybody he's not, it would be Roger Ailes. Shrum has always dreamed of himself as the Roger Ailes of the Democrat Party. But he's not. Just don't doubt me on this."

"There wasn't a person in Luntz's focus group who was opposed to Scott Walker who could have been reached with the truth. If Moses had personally delivered the Ten Commandments last night, they would not-a believed it."

"Barack Hussein Kardashian is what he has become. He is celebrity of the United States. He is not the president."

"The title of my brother David Limbaugh's book is The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama's War on the Republic. He gives 150 reasons why Obama needs to go -- which is amazing, because, off the top of my head, I can only come up with 140."

"A lot of people think the left is invincible, that the Democrats are invincible, that they're light years ahead of us strategically, competence-wise when it comes to running campaigns. I don't think that at all."

"For those of you Democrats who think it's gonna be a big deal to go to Sarah Jessica Parker's house and have dinner with Obama, Michelle, the Kardashians, and then Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker. All you're doing is ending up on a Democrat Party fundraising mailing list. When you go to their website and register, guess what? You're now gonna be swarmed with e-mails and pitches for money from the Obama campaign."

"If Walker loses this thing, you can forget any other Republican governor taking on the unions. You can forget it. It's gonna be a long time before another steel-spined Republican governor comes along."

"We conservatives do not try to force anything on anybody, other than individual liberty and freedom."

"The left want's the most powerful forces in this country controlling all of us, the government. We don't. We have been rendered almost in an entirely defensive posture. We are content to obey the tenets of the Declaration of Independence. Pursue life, liberty, and happiness. They are content to take those away. Not content; they are on a mission to deny those things."

"We've had a number of isms. Communism exploited class differences. Nazism exploited racial differences. The point is whatever ism it is, people on the left are constantly trying to exploit and divide, and they pick whatever they think is the most direct route to somebody's heart and mind."

"Conservatism is a constant daily intellectual application and pursuit. Liberalism is the most gutless thing you can do. It's easy. And it's what everybody devolves to if they are not actively, thoughtfully conservative."

"You don't hear of people being persuaded to liberalism. They more or less just become it."

"Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down on the sofa, on the floor, on my back, until the feeling goes away. And I must confess, I don't get the urge much."

"I didn't turn the mic off before I blew my nose? Oh, no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen. I think we should play it again 'cause I don't want to be accused of purposely blowing my nose during an Anna Wintour plug for Obama."

"The grassroots in Wisconsin's the Tea Party. The Republican Party's the minority party in Wisconsin. Wisconsin's a blue state, or has been. The grassroots is the Tea Partry. That's what they can't deal with. That's what they can't get their arms around."


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