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Actress Arrested for DUI, Asks Obama to Fire Cops
RUSH: Does anybody know who Amanda Bynes is, the actress?  She's 26 years old.  Do you know who Amanda Bynes is?  I ought to, you know, to show that I'm hip and everything, "Oh, yeah, Amanda Bynes."  I don't know who she is.  All I know is this.  She was charged yesterday with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and she has asked Obama to fire the cop who arrested her.  She's serious.  She gets arrested for DUI, and she says she's going to get Obama on this. It's in People magazine.  They think it's cool.  Yeah.  This is exactly the kind of brain-dead voter that still supports Obama. 

Death Threats Against Walker
RUSH: There are death threats against Scott Walker.  "The Milwaukee Police Department said that they and the Wisconsin Department of Justice are looking into death threats made against Governor Scott Walker."  They are all over the Internet.  One guy even claims that Walker's dead within a week, that he's already put out the contract.  He's bought the hit.  But it's particularly vicious, and it's voluminous.  There are a lot of Democrats who have gone online, Twitter and any number of other places, Democrat websites, demanding that Walker die, demanding that Scott Walker be killed. 

I haven't heard any calls for civility. I haven't heard anybody say this is uncivil. I haven't heard anybody suggest that Obama and the Democrats need to get in gear here and calm down their voters.  I'm not hearing any of that. I'm not hearing anybody say that Obama ought to disavow these people.  I'm not hearing anybody say that Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz or anybody else in the Democrat Party hierarchy ought to distance themselves.  Romney, meanwhile, ought to throw Trump overboard. And Romney ought to throw me overboard.  But these people that are threatening to kill Scott Walker are who are happily celebrating should it happen.  "No, no, no.  It's just politics, Rush.  You have to kind of expect it." 

No, no, no, no. I was not kidding about that. The Milwaukee Police Department says that it is evaluating threats made against Governor Walker through social media. It's happening on Twitter. Probably at Democrat Underground and Daily Kos in the comment section. Probably on Facebook. I don't know. No word yet from Eric Holder on any of this. Just kidding. Why should he care that the Republican governor's being threatened? One of the tweets is, "I want to kill Scott Walker so, so f[-ing] bad and the racist dumb [blank] that voted for him." So apparently, according some Democrats, you're racist if you voted for Scott Walker (which is a common lament).

Michael Barone Readjusts the Exit Poll Numbers

RUSH: This is in the Washington Examiner. Michael Barone resampled the Wisconsin exit polls to match the results, and he finds Obama and Romney are tied at 48-48.  Now, the exit polls do show Obama leading Romney by nine, but if you match the exit polls to the results and make the corresponding adjustments, you end up with Romney and Obama tied. 

It's kind of convoluted, the way it happened.  But the thing to understand is that exit polls in Wisconsin always oversample Democrats by at least 4%.  That is something that is known, and when you do that, if you take the 4% bias away, that's what the resampling means, if you take the 4% bias Democrat sample, take it away, then you end up with neck-and-neck 48%, Obama and Romney in Wisconsin.  So what it means is if you do the proper adjustments, get rid of the bias, that there is no good news for Obama no matter how much you want to lie to yourself in the Wisconsin exit polls.  It's just that simple.




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