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Inside the Mind of an Obama Voter


RUSH: Mike in North Caldwell, New Jersey.  This is Sopranos country.

CALLER:  It is, Rush.

RUSH:  Sopranos country is North Caldwell, New Jersey.  How are you doing, Mike?

CALLER:  I'm fine.  Rush, what percentage of Obama's supporters do you think will change their minds about him because of these revelations about a membership in the socialist third party?

RUSH:  I don't think any of his supporters will change their mind.  Well, wait a minute, now.  It depends.  I think, if the truth be known, if the election were today, I think Obama would lose huge.  I think it would be a landslide defeat, and I mean this.  And my point in telling you this, I think a lot of -- I'm not even gonna call 'em supporters -- I think a lot of people who voted for Obama in '08 have already decided they're not going to again, whether he's a member of a socialist party or not.  They just don't like what he's done.  They now realize he's phony.

CALLER:  I'm thinking about the Julia Roberts types.  You know, there's nothing that's gonna change their minds --

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  -- about this guy.

RUSH:  No, because their votes are not about policy.  Their votes are not about what Obama's done or what he's going to do.  Their votes are all about associations.

CALLER:  Well, I certainly agree, and my mother, your neighbor, is not gonna change her mind, either.  She's beyond hope.

RUSH:  Well, is that just because she's a committed Democrat or does she just love Obama?

CALLER:  A committed Democrat, committed Democrat.  She even took the Obama magnets off her refrigerator, but she's gonna vote for Obama.

RUSH:  Why did she take the Obama magnets off the refrigerator?

CALLER:  I don't know.  I really don't know.

RUSH:  Then why are you so convinced she's gonna vote for him?

CALLER:  I talk to her all the time.

RUSH:  Well, here's the thing about this story, the Stanley Kurtz story.  It's in National Review Online.  The mainstream media is not gonna pick it up.  So in truth, there aren't going to be a whole lot of Obama voters who hear about it.  Your mom, unless you tell her, may not hear about it.

CALLER:  I agree.  If it's not in the Palm Beach Post --

RUSH:  Well, it won't be in the Palm Beach Post.  The only reference to it in the Palm Beach Post would be how Stanley Kurtz is a right-wing extremist SOB and it would be a story trying to discredit him.  No, no.  But I think a lot of people that voted for Obama, they weren't voting for him for policy.  They aren't voting for him for specifics.  They were voting the hope and change thing. They were voting the messianic thing. They were voting hating Bush, wanted to get out of Iraq, thought America was hated in the world, guy sounded smart.  I give you every reason under the sun that has nothing to do with policy.  Then all of a sudden -- and there were a lot of people who voted for him 'cause they wanted to be able to run around and say, "I voted the black guy, I'm not a racist." 

Now, after three-and-a-half years, every election that we've had since is a referendum on Obama.  Do not doubt me.  People do not want this.  We've got the New York Times year CBS poll, 24% of the American people hope Obamacare is upheld.  Sixty-seven percent, 63, 64, whatever it is, two-thirds of the American people want Obamacare overturned by the Supreme Court.  That 24% number, I kind of believe it, actually, I think that is your hard-core Obama left.  And the others that vote for him are just doing it for reasons that you and I would never incorporate in determining for whom to vote.  You mentioned Julia Roberts and actors and actresses.  All he had to do, to continue to own Hollywood, was to come out for gay marriage.  And that's why he did it.  That's why he did it, to keep Hollywood writing checks, pure and simple.  It's why he did it. 

But the bloom is off the rose.  Obama's policies lead nowhere that most people want to go.  So when you ask the question, "How many of his supporters would abandon him because of this?" the best way to answer that is, and it's by a long shot, not everybody that voted for Obama was a supporter.  This may be the easiest way to understand the fluidity of the electorate.  I wouldn't put a percentage on it.  That'd be a wild guess, but I think a significant percentage of people that voted for Obama were not supporters, were not dyed-in-the-wool, believed in his policies and wanted him to do -- he didn't tell us he was gonna do any of this.  He didn't promise anything, not publicly.  In fact, he was promising just the opposite.  All kinds of job growth, a rebirth of the country, salaries going up, everybody loving each other. The exact opposite in spades is what's happened.  And I'm just telling you a significant number of the people that voted for him were not supporters.  They had other reasons that were surface, shallow, specious, and those people aren't going to vote for him again. 


RUSH: Let me put it this way: I am convinced some people voted for Obama in 2008 to prove that they weren't racists. You know it and I know it. Now, what's gonna happen in 2012 is that some people are gonna vote against Obama to prove that they're not stupid! Do you understand...? Folks, really. If the election were today, it would be the biggest blowout that you could possibly imagine. Can you imagine somebody coming out of the ballot box today and proudly saying they'd voted for Obama? If the election were today?

"Yeah, I voted Obama."

"What! Why?"

Who could back up a vote for him? Who could explain a positive reason why? Why would anybody vote for this guy, other than a committed, ideological, loyal party member or activist? Just isn't in the cards. There's nothing to vote for here. And there's no great fear out there on the other side. Look at what Scott Walker's doing. Oh, I'll tell you. The stars are lining up pretty much as I thought they would. Well, pretty much as I hoped that they would. 



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