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NYT/CBS News Poll: 67% Hope SCOTUS Overturns Obamacare
RUSH: It's true.  Two-thirds of the American people want Obamacare overturned.  It's a CBS/New York Times poll.  It's gotta be worse than that.  If they report two-thirds, it's gotta be worse than that.  Can you imagine how tough that has to be for the New York Times to report one of their own polls, two-thirds of the American people want Obamacare overturned?  Just 24% of the country want Obamacare left intact. 

Fireworks at Fast and Furious Hearing
RUSH: Fireworks today on Capitol Hill! Eric Holder was up talking about Fast and Furious. The Republicans were asking pointed questions. The Democrats on the committee were interrupting them, trying to prevent Holder from having to answer. It gets kind of convoluted and complicated. There was a release of information this week about wiretaps and so forth about all of this. And when I have time, I'm gonna explain it all to you. This Fast and Furious is about more than just walking guns across the border to drug cartels and having them used as a means of ginning up opposition to the Second Amendment.

That was the objective.

That was the motive.

But there's much more involved in it than just that because essentially... (sigh) I'll tell you how convoluted it is: The Justice Department created crimes. When you walk the guns across the border, that's the first crime. When you make the guns available to drug cartels and they use them in commission of crimes, you've created a crime. Holder's Justice Department created crimes. And they're trying to say they had no idea about any of it.

And there are wiretaps involved and they're trying to say that the request for wiretaps was authorized almost pro forma. It led to today's hearing, and maybe tomorrow I will cover it. Because we'll have the sound bites tomorrow of what happened today. And then I will endeavor to assemble them and put 'em all together for you so that you don't just hear about it piecemeal. Because it's a fascinating set of revelations and discoveries that have occurred this week, accompanied by unbelievable denials from Holder and one of his top aides, a guy named Lanny Breuer. So sit tight for that.

Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutor Threatened to Sue Harvard Over Him
RUSH: According to Alan Dershowitz, Florida state attorney Angela Corey who has been appointed by Governor Scott to prosecute the white Hispanic, George Zimmerman -- honestly, folks, you will not believe this.  This is not Scott Ott writing. This is not The Onion. This is not Saturday Night Live. According to Dershowitz, the prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case, Angela Corey, "called Harvard to threaten the university with a libel suit," because they haven't muzzled Professor Dershowitz, who has been a scathing critic of her performance.  Honestly. 

The prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case called Harvard and said, (paraphrasing) "We're gonna sue you for libel because you haven't muzzled Dershowitz, who's been critical of me."  Holy smokes.  The Palm Beach Post will support her, by the way.  Now, my old friend Andy McCarthy writing at PJMedia.com, said, "Why stop at libel?  Why doesn't she just charge Dershowitz with second-degree murder like she has Zimmerman?  It's not like the lack of evidence is a big hurdle for her." 

Can you imagine Dershowitz, the Harvard president calling, "Hey, Alan, we've got a problem." 

"Yeah, what?" 

"Angela Corey is suing us."

"Yeah, for what?" 

"Libel."  (laughing)  I'll bet she comes -- I better be careful.  I might be a party to this
'cause I amplified what Dershowitz said. Remember, I quoted Dershowitz and my own affiliate called her office, "What do you think about what Limbaugh said about Angela Corey?"  I could end up being sued.  What do you bet she took self-esteem, as a course or at least it was a theme throughout her education. "You're wonderful. You're special. You're a good person." Now she's being criticized. It doesn't jibe with self-esteem. This is not supposed to happen.

Regime Shock: Romney Leads in Michigan Poll
RUSH: According to the Detroit Free Press, the newspaper, Mitt Romney is now tied with Obama in Michigan.  I guarantee you this is gonna send shock waves through the regime, folks.  Obama saved Detroit. Obama saved Michigan. He saved General Motors and Chrysler.  You've seen Detroit.  You see how he saved it.  And in Wisconsin, I think I saw a poll earlier today where Romney's up two in Wisconsin, or tied, or maybe only down two.  It's one of those three.  It's either up two or down two, I forget which.  Now they're tied in Michigan.  And I guarantee you this is sending shock waves through the regime. 

Clintonistas: Bill Too Old to Know What He's Saying
RUSH: Clinton's aides are saying that he screwed up and they're blaming his age.  Clinton's own support staff is saying privately to the media, "Look, all this positive talk about Romney, he's just getting old.  The guy's getting old."  The implication is he says things he doesn't know.  They're not using words like dementia or any of that, but the implication is clear.  This guy is aging.  He doesn't know what he's saying sometimes.  You gotta cut him some slack.  That's Clinton's own people, according to the Politico. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I mentioned this earlier. I want to run back to it very quickly.  Bill Clinton's aides are saying that he screwed up.  "Bill Clinton’s off-message musings in recent days on Mitt Romney, taxes and the state of the economy prompted a series of urgent and agitated calls between senior aides to both Clinton and President Barack Obama.  In the past, these kinds of complaints have often prompted Clinton lieutenants to kindly suggest that the Obama team can go to hell: a former president can, should and will say what he wants.  This time," The Politico says, "it was different.  Clinton's team was aghast." 

They couldn't believe that Clinton was undercutting Obama this way.  Clinton's own staff couldn't believe that he was speaking in favor of the Bush tax cuts.  Clinton's own team couldn't believe that Clinton was praising Mitt Romney's sterling qualifications.  Clinton's own team couldn't believe that Clinton was talking about private equity being so wonderful and the people involved in it doing good work, being good people.  And so Clinton's own people are telling the press that he's old.  They're blaming his age.  He's 65.  One of his aides said to The Politico, "He's 65." He's old. They're blaming Clinton's old age, 65, for these screw ups. 

"One adviser, explaining how Clinton in a CNBC interview managed to say that the economy was in recession, 'He's 65 years old.'"  Wait 'til Clinton hears about this.  What they're saying is he's at the early onset of dementia.  They're saying Bill Clinton doesn't know what he's saying, his own staff.  He's 65.  

It's Jobless Revision Thursday!

RUSH: It's Thursday.  What does that mean?  Unemployment numbers.  "The number of Americans lining up for new jobless benefits fell last week," it says here, "for the first time since April."  A reminder that the wounded labor market is still slowly healing.  "Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 377,000." That was pretty much right on the median forecast.  Experts got it right, Reuters says.  Which has to be a first.  The government revised the prior week's figure up to 389,000 from 383,000.  Once again, this is now the 64th out of the last 65 weeks that the previous week's number has been revised up, meaning made worse, and so will this one be. 

So we've got a new name for this.  Claims Revision Thursday.  Reuters and the AP both reporting the number of new jobless benefits is down, first time in five weeks, even though they both failed to report that the new jobless claims were up in three of the four previous weeks after the revisions.  And this week's number, which, again, is 377, it will be 380 or 383, something like that, next week.  They'll revise it upwards.  And next week will be the 65th out of 66 weeks that that has happened.


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