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Pearls of Wisdom

"Do you think Obama knows anybody in the private sector apart from his campaign donors? In his book, Dreams from My Father, he described his only private sector job as being 'behind enemy lines.' The private sector's the enemy."

"I really don't want to be misunderstood here, but policemen don't hire anybody. Policemen don't create jobs. Teachers don't, either. And firefighters do not create jobs."

"You know, whenever the Democrats screw up, whenever Obama screws up, whenever a Democrat president screws up, it's always time for a truce."

"I don't want to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but there clearly are right ways and wrong ways to do things. There are right ways and wrong ways to prepare children for later life as adults. And we've been engaged in too many wrong ways."

"This whole notion that Obama's slogan is Forward? It's 180 about-face marching right back to the 1930s."

"For somebody like Obama, the private sector's just there, folks. It's a golden goose. It never goes away. It's always a target. It can always be raped and pillaged. It can always be taken from. It's just always there!"

"'Commence' means what? Begin. Start. You're at zero! Commencement means you haven't done diddly-squat."

"The private sector, as far as he's concerned, is doing fine. If he thinks that the public sector is losing jobs, that's a problem. If there are fewer government workers, that's a major problem to Barack Obama."

"In case you've forgotten, the big stimulus was to make sure that these jobs were not eliminated -- teachers particularly. Yet he's out there promising shovel-ready jobs. 'We're gonna rebuild schools and roads and bridges,' and all the happy horse dung. And that was all smoke and mirrors."

"The Obama doghouse must be getting crowded. 'Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel defended President Obama's handling of the economy on Sunday but also offered faint praise, saying that while the economy is 'not growing healthy,' it's still growing.' So it's still growing but it's 'not growing healthy.' Not exactly what you would want to hear."

"When do you ever see a story like this, Democrats divided? You don't see stories like that. But it's true, ladies and gentlemen. It's true. They are drifting apart, and this private equity thing is one of the greatest illustrations."

"Lanny Davis said, 'Vicious people' are working for the president. It's not the president, he said. Okay, we'll let him have that, but you and I both know that people in the campaign are simply reflections of Obama."

"The oil industry is on Obama's Kill List, just like coal is. The Kill List is not just terrorists. No, no, no, no, no. The Kill List is not just terrorists."

"Do you realize how old the electric car idea is? Would you like to take a guess? How old? When was the first electric car idea proposed? One hundred nine years ago. That's how old the notion of an electric car is. You could say people have been working on this for 109 years and we've not gotten past the golf cart, in practicality."

"Everything Obama's doing is looking backwards. He's against fracking, a new way to get more oil. We've got more oil deposits in this country than the Saudis have. Now, we can't get it the conventional way. It takes new techniques, which are now viable, which are now profitable."

"I tell you, these people are so out of context and out of touch, this bad week last week, it's continuing. It's gonna end up being a bad two weeks for the Democrats if they're not careful."


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