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Hitchhiker Writing Book on Kindness Shot in Montana
RUSH: From the AP.  Not making this up.  "A man hitchhiking across the country and writing a memoir called 'The Kindness of America' was injured in a random drive-by shooting along a rural highway near northeastern Montana’s booming Bakken oil patch."
So here's a guy hitchhiking across the country writing a book, The Kindness of America, gets shot.  How many of you are laughing?  Don't do it, folks.  I know some of you are laughing out there at the irony.  Don't do it.  If you're laughing, don't let anybody know you're listening to this program right now. Don't do it.

North Dakotans Afraid to Vote to Eliminate Property Taxes
RUSH: I've got the story in the stack here.  As you know, this area of the country, the Dakotas and Montana, is booming because of the oil that has been found there, literally boom times.  And, in fact, some of the cities and towns in this area are so flush with money from taxes that there is a ballot initiative that will soon be voted on to eliminate property taxes because there is enough money already in city coffers to handle the needs of the community. 

Here's the shocker.  Preelection polls indicate that the citizens will not vote to eliminate property taxes.  How about that?  If you had a chance to write off to eliminate your property tax, would you vote to do so?  Wouldn't even think about it, would you?  The reason they say that they are reluctant is because they don't think the boom times might last, and they are afraid -- this is what we're up against; it's a great little lesson -- they're afraid that this won't last and at some point the government will run out of money.  They don't want that to happen, and so they're going to vote to maintain property taxes even though they're not necessary.  And these are conservative people for the most part.  That is how successful the left has been at inculcating people with the notion that government should never be deprived of revenue. 

This is not good.  I mean they're free to do what they want to do, obviously.  All I can tell you is, if I had a chance, if I had a chance to wipe out -- well, I'm not gonna tell you how much.  If I had a chance too wipe out my property tax, I wouldn't think twice about it.  I'd want to move the election up to today and go in there and vote "yes," get rid of it.  And I wouldn't have any second thoughts.  We'll get to the story as the program continues to unfold. 


By the way, North Dakota is the location where people are voting on eliminating property taxes.  Right now people oppose getting rid of their own property taxes three to one, according to pre-election polls.  It's not even close.  Their towns and communities are flush with cash from tax revenue via other sources because the oil boom is taking place.  No, they're worried that the government might run out of money someday, that the boom might not last. 

Now, some of you might say, "That's a very responsible attitude for the citizens to have, Mr. Limbaugh."  I know many of you look at it that way, but the one thing the beast has never been starved of is money, and it's been so successfully inculcated, browbeaten, propagandized into people's head the precious government can't do with anything less than what it has now. 

Obama tried to clarify. He went out Friday and said the private sector is doing fine.  People reacted.  Some people had conniption fits.  Obama said, "Okay, I gotta fix it."  He went out there and said, "I know the economy is in bad shape.  That's why I did the press conference."  And everybody said, "Okay, fine. He went out and corrected himself."  But he really didn't correct himself.  He didn't say anything different.  I'll explain when we come back.  By the way, one of the principal groups opposing doing away with the Bakken tax, the property tax, is the public employee unions.  They are one of the prime movers in trying to maintain the property tax.  But they are effective.  They're having success in persuading the residents three to one to oppose the elimination of their own property taxes.

Rahm Rips Obama Economy
RUSH: The Obama doghouse must be getting crowded. "Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel defended President Obama's handling of the economy on Sunday but also offered faint praise, saying that while the economy is 'not growing healthy,' it's still growing." So it's still growing but it's "not growing healthy." Not exactly what you would want to hear.

From TheHill.com: "Divisions in the Democratic coalition have burst into view, endangering both President [Kardashian] and his party colleagues in Congress as November’s election nears. ... Democrats disagree over the wisdom of [Kardashian]’s attacks on Republican Mitt Romney’s private equity background at Bain Capital and are split over the proposed construction of the Keystone XL pipeline ... The divides are opening just as Republicans appear more unified, which underlines the danger for Democrats and highlights an abrupt reversal in the two major parties' fortunes."

When do you ever see a story like this, Democrats divided? You don't see stories like that. But it's true, ladies and gentlemen. It's true. They are drifting apart, and this private equity thing is one of the greatest illustrations. Here's Axelrod talking about this. "We need more cops!"

Bam Goes Back to Bain Attack Ads
RUSH: Obama's back again. There's a new ad out there attacking Bain Capital. I don't know if I've got this in the sound bite roster yet, but if we don't we'll get it eventually. The bottom line is they're out there attacking Bain Capital again. And Obama said they're not letting go of that.

No matter what Cory Booker says or anybody else, they're not letting go.

Family Net Worth Drops to Level of Early ‘90s
RUSH: I have some late news from the New York Times: "Family Net Worth Drops to Level of Early ’90s," according to the Federal Reserve.  So, yeah, private sector's doing just fine.  "Family Net Worth Drops to Level of Early ’90s." 

New Announcements from Apple
RUSH: And now I can move on to the real news of today, the new announcements from Apple, which I'm gonna spend the next three hours absorbing.  Since you don't want to hear about it, I won't mention any more about it. 



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