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Tough Times: Nobel Prize Winnings Cut
RUSH:  Well, now we know times are tough for everybody.  Everybody.  It's hit everybody.  Have you heard about this?  The Nobel Prize committee has reduced the size of their financial awards by 20% because of the sluggish economy.  I kid you not, ladies and gentlemen.  The cash award that comes with the Nobel Prize has been slashed by 20%, and that means that the Nobel Prize award amount is now $1.1 million, after a 20% cut.  The Nobel committee is blaming it on a sluggish economy and probably George W. Bush.  I've got four or five sound bites today, Obama officials blaming everything on Bush.  It's getting hilarious now, getting laughable.  And pretty soon they're gonna be able to blame everything on Jeb Bush. 

But I think, folks, this is poetic justice.  After all, they've reduced the real value of the Nobel Prize by 20%.  Forget the cash award.  In fact, probably more than 20%, by giving it to people like Yasser Arafat, Algore, and, of course, Barack "Kill List" Obama Kardashian, getting a Nobel prize before he's even done anything.  I say this, by the way, as a former Nobel Prize nominee.  I'm in the club.  I'm not a winner, but I have been nominated for a Nobel Prize.  I lost to Algore that year.  So I'm closer to this than most people.  I'm able to relate. 

Best Wishes to Friend of EIB
RUSH: Folks, there's a woman here that we all know, and we treasure this woman.  I don't talk about her much on this program, but we all know her.  Her name is Duck, that's her nickname, and she is one of the bravest, one of the strongest women that we know.  She is encountering a little turbulence, and in the process of encountering the turbulence, is showing everybody the right way to deal with it.  And, Duck, we all here at the EIB Network just want to send you all of our love from the bottom of our hearts and tell you that you are never out of our thoughts and prayers.  She's a great gal, and everybody that knows her just loves her to death. She's been a great friend of the program, been around for many, many, many, many moons.  And, Duck, we talk about you all the time, are thinking about you all the time, and I just wanted everybody here in the audience to get the vibe. 

Retail Sales Numbers Revised Down
RUSH: Retail sales in April fell 0.2% after being revised. That's compared with a previously reported 0.1% gain. So this -- the revised figure and last month's figure -- marks the first time in nearly two years that retail sales have fallen in consecutive months. Now, that's going backwards, folks. I don't want to get lost in the revision aspect of this. The important point in the Wall Street Journal story is retail sales are sliding backwards, and to a considerable extent, consumer purchases drive the economy.

Meaning after $5 trillion in deficit spending, after thousands upon thousands of regulations, after program after program to help people with their mortgages and unemployment compensation... Remember Pelosi saying that unemployment benefits return $2 for every $1? Remember her saying this? How can retail sales be plummeting for the second consecutive month? (That's two months in a row, for those of you in Rio Linda.) So $5 trillion in deficit spending, thousands of regulations, and Obamacare. The president has caused great damage to the economy, jobs, and future.

Retail sales are down.

People are not spending what they don't have.

Ed Rogers: Electoral Map Narrows to Six States
RUSH: There's a piece here in the Washington Post by a guy named Ed Rogers. The headline of the piece is: "Obama, His Message and the 2012 Battlefield are Getting Smaller." And here are a couple of pull quotes. "As Obama and his message get smaller, I think the race is narrowing to fewer states than most analysts might believe. We will probably know for sure after the Fourth of July, but I think we will have a six-state campaign starting pretty soon. They will be: Colorado (9), Iowa (6), Nevada (6), New Hampshire (4), Ohio (18) and Wisconsin (10), for a combined 53 electoral votes.

"In the next few weeks," writes Mr. Ed Rogers -- and, no, I don't know who he is. But he's in the Washington Post, so he must be somebody. We'll just assume that he is. He says, "In the next few weeks, I expect it will become clear to the Obama campaign that Florida, North Carolina and Virginia are lost and not worth the fight." In the next few weeks, by July 4th, the regime will understand and admit "that Florida, North Carolina and Virginia are lost and not worth the fight.

"I thought Carter was bluffing when he talked about Obama's money woes, but it is looking like Obama really won't have the money to keep as many states as he would like competitive. We will have a relatively long campaign, fought on a small field. Given the lack of creativity, imagination and honesty that the Obama campaign has been able to sustain so far, his operatives should fear that the president will wear out his welcome when he has to campaign for so many days in so few places."

Washington Post. It's a bad week for Obama. (interruption) Yeah, I think he's gonna lose Virginia. I think he's gonna lose North Carolina. I think he's gonna lose Florida. I think this guy's exactly right. I think it's all upside down! I think all the conventional wisdom's out the window. I think this guy is in huge trouble. They know it. All of these fundraisers are because he's not getting the donations that he got in 2008. Remember all that hubbub about a billion dollars? He's nowhere near that!

Romney is out-raising Obama, and Romney's not doing nearly as many fundraisers as Obama is. And all this focus on celebrities, pop culture, idolatry? They're asking for $3 to have a chance to be the next winner at a dinner with Obama and some celebrity. A $3 minimum donation and you're entered. He's flying all over. He gave up Wisconsin. This guy's got a great point. This race, the battlefield is getting smaller. Now, I know a lot of people live in northern Virginia who will never accept the fact that Obama could lose it.

I mean, that's the DC suburbs. That's all liberal Democrats. They're just gonna have trouble believing that. But North Carolina, it's on the way. Florida, it's on the way. Again, the six states that Mr. Rogers believes are gonna be the states where it all matters: "Colorado (9), Iowa (6), Nevada (6), New Hampshire (4), Ohio (18) and Wisconsin (10)," and Romney's up in Wisconsin now by three. That's a combined 53 electoral votes. He's got another good point, too. If he spends all his time in those states, do you realize how people will get sick and tired of him?

Germans Turn on Obama
RUSH: They have a story in Der Spiegel. It was four years ago Obama went to Berlin. Remember, he wanted to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, and they said, "What do you think you are, the Messiah?" He said, "Yeah." They said, "Well, that's too bad. You're still not speaking at the Brandenburg Gate. Unlike the Nobel Committee, you gotta do something before we praise you." But anyway, the Germans had a giant beer fest that day and they were loving it. They were eating it up.

Der Spiegel: "Germans Increasingly Disillusioned with Obama -- Germans were ecstatic when Barack Obama took over the keys to the White House from George W. Bush. Now, though, a new Pew Research Center survey shows that disillusionment with the US president is widespread in Germany and that Obama has not lived up to the high expectations Europeans had of him." Now, you might be saying, "So what?" They don't vote. It's illustrative. If the Germans can figure it out, what do you think Americans have been able to do?

The guy has one stump speech, and you've heard it today. I've got the spokeskid. I'll play you these bites next hour of the spokeskid. We got Gene Sperling, too. We've got all kinds of Democrats saying, "It's Bush's fault!" That's what they're back to: It's Bush's fault. They are tacitly admitting that we're in a big mess. They're no longer trying to say we're in a recovery and we're on the way back. It's a big mess. It's Bush's fault. Now it's (sobbing), "I inherited all this! It's worse than we knew!"

And, by the way, that's exactly what we predicted they would say.

Romney Leads Wisconsin Poll
RUSH: A Wisconsin poll (the Rasmussen poll) has Romney up by three points in Wisconsin. Doesn't that put the lie to all of those stories that we had about how popular Obama is in Wisconsin? And doesn't it also put the lie to all the exit polls? The original exit polls showed, "Well, you know, really that Scott Walker recall was a pretty big day for Obama."

The media said, "That was a big win 'cause look at the exit polls! They have him beating Romney by nine." Remember that? Well, it seems to me... And, by the way, those exit polls, Michael Barone reanalyzed them. Taking some of the bias of the exit poll, he found out that Romney and Obama were tied on the exit polls in Wisconsin. So the exit polls were wrong, just like they almost always are. Where do we sign the petition to get the media recalled? The next recall needs to be the media. (I'm joking. It'll never happen.)

Will John Edwards Replace John King at CNN?
RUSH: I wonder if CNN has called John Edwards to replace John King.  Well, they called Eliot Spitzer Client No. 9.  Edwards is gonna need to do something, and he's a good Democrat.  He understands there's two America's out there.  I wouldn't put it past 'em to call John Edwards.  If he doesn't, Algore might, or Current TV, which just hired Maude Behar.

And Then There’s Maude on Current TV

RUSH: Maude Behar bombs out at Headline News, goes back to The View, and now Algore has hired her for the 54 viewers that they have.  They want to up that to 125.  That would be a hundred percent ratings increase.


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