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Pearls of Wisdom

"Unemployment is over 8% for the longest period since the Great Depression. It is. We got Taxmageddon months away. It's been said if nothing's done, the economy might collapse because of these tax increases coming."

"In effect, all the stimulus was was an insurance policy to make sure that in the recession union workers didn't lose their jobs because Democrats needed their dues to be collected so that the money would end up back with their party or with Obama. That's all it was. It was a scam."

"I think we have yet a new name for our president. He's not just Barack Hussein Kardashian. He's now Barack Oblame-o Kardashian."

"Barack Oblame-o has been in office nearly six months longer than John Kennedy was president. Can you imagine how absurd it would be to have heard Kennedy still blaming Eisenhower for the state of the economy by this point in his presidency?"

"If we reelect Obama, won't it just be four more years of disaster caused by Bush? Obama's admitting he can't fix what Bush did. Why reelect him?"

"'Obama recently attended his 150th fundraiser. That's more than the number attended by the last four presidents put together.' His fundraisers dwarf other presidents' just as does his debt creation."

"I love nostalgia. You know, the older you get, the more fun it is to go back and remember where you were at times when you were enjoying certain things."

"Humility and Obama are strangers. He can't even fake that, I don't think."

"Everything that is happening in this country that has gone wrong, Obama chose to do it, starting with choosing to run for president. You keep that in mind as you hear him blame other people. And even if he doesn't blame other people, he's still gonna whine because he's a baby."

"He's really nothing more than a childish baby who grew up pampered and one of these people, self-esteem left and right, 'You're special. You're wonderful. The world couldn't survive without you. The world is a better place with you in it, little Barack.'"

"Everything Obama's done has his signature on it. It's his recipe. It was his kitchen. It was his oven, and it was his cake that he baked with all of these things in it. He made his choices. In November we will make ours."

"This 4.3 million jobs is a bogus number. How do you lose over two million people from the labor force and create four million jobs out of that? There's so much smoke and mirrors going on here."

"If people aren't following current events that affect their lives, why were so many people who were once obsessed with Obama now so disinterested? Why has he lost 20% of the black vote in the polls in North Carolina if people aren't paying attention?"

"Obama's always gonna minimize his problem. It's the way he's wired. His narcissism won't allow him to be critical of himself, and he doesn't have any humility."

"We've had two years of unobstructed Obama juggernaut power. They couldn't fix it. They made it worse."

"Renewable energy is one of these terms the left throws around that sounds like magic. We're on the verge of discovering it."

"Liberals get their arms around stuff and want to take the risk out of everything."


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