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Pearls of Wisdom

 "My friends, the Drive-By Media is in a state of shock. They're depressed and disappointed. They're fearful for the future. Barack Hussein Obama cannot even please them with speeches anymore."

"Forty years ago Richard Nixon was hounded out of office supposedly for his illegal actions. And I'm telling you: Whatever Nixon did pales in comparison to just this move today."

"The regime today told the border agents: If you catch young illegals, let 'em go and grant 'em work permits. No more deportation of illegal immigrants. They are to be given work permits and they can stay in the country. So what this is is 'Catch, Release, Vote.'

"The RNC took elements of Obama's speech yesterday and went back to a previous Obama speeches and took identical phrases and sentences and sandwiched them back-to-back to illustrate: It's tired. It's old. It's worn out. It's the same old teleprompter."

"Pelosi just tweeted, 'Strongly support President's decision to stop deporting DREAM Act kids. Democratic-led House passed DREAM in 2010. GOP still obstructing.' So because the Republicans who run the place are 'obstructing' and didn't pass the DREAM Act, she's happy that Obama bypassed Congress. Shameless. They don't care. It's who they are."

"Everything Obama has done in 3-1/2 years was totally predictable. Based on his ideology. Based on who he is. Now, as I say, I'm happy people finally figured it out. But it would have been a lot better if people would have admitted it to themselves 3-1/2 years ago instead of waiting around trying to be bipartisan, trying to be open-minded, trying to be fair and all that."

"I'm surrounded by negativism, and I fight it. I can't tell you the number of people in my circle who think it's all over, and I don't."

"Have you ever heard of the term 'shabby chic'? That is how the New York Post describes Sarah Jessica Parker's house. The decor is shabby chic. I don't know what it is."

"The Post has got one-a the screwballest websites that's ever been invented."

"Movie stars and fashion designers are probably the only people on earth who are more out of touch than even Barack Hussein Kardashian is!"

"Democrats need a permanent underclass. They must have it. They need a permanent underclass to keep the social safety net alive and kicking."

"What if Obama is reelected and just decides he doesn't like fracking and cancels it? We know he doesn't like it. What if he just decides to tell people in North Dakota, 'As of tomorrow, you can't do that anymore?'"

"Do you remember when Joe Wilson who shouted, 'You lie!' to Obama during a State of the Union show? It was because Obama said that Obamacare would never cover illegal aliens. And Joe Wilson said, 'You lie!' And they took him to the woodshed. And now what? You think these 800,000 aren't gonna have health care? Ha! Think again."

"No matter where you turn, it's Panic City for the left. And that's why Obama is out right now announcing amnesty for 'young' illegals."

"Everybody on TV needs a signature. Mine was my ties."


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