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Byron York: Obama's Amnesia
RUSH: Byron York has a piece at the DC Examiner: "Obama's Amnesia About His First Year as President." This is kind of interesting.  "What is it with Barack Obama and 27 months? Listen to the president and his aides talk, and you'll soon hear claims that the [regime] has accomplished great things in the last 27 months.

"'The private sector creat(ed) nearly 4.3 million new jobs in the last 27 months,' the president said at a fundraiser in Baltimore on Tuesday.  'We have created 500,000 manufacturing jobs over the last 27 months,' top Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling said the same day on CNN.  'We've had 4.3 million private-sector jobs created over the last 27 months,' Obama campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said in a conference call with reporters Monday.  There are plenty of other examples.

"Beyond that, whenever Mitt Romney or some other Republican attacks the president's record, the [regime] sends out reams of rebuttal material pointing to economic progress -- all in the last 27 months.  The problem, of course, is that [Kardashian] has been president for 40 months. So why do he and his supporters speak as if he has only been in the White House for the last 27 -- that is, since March 2010? It's as if the first third of [Kardashian]'s presidency just doesn't count.  Obviously, the president is trying to make his record look better; his first months in the White House saw devastating job losses and economic misery."

And there have not been four million jobs created.  It's not possible! Anyway, we've been through all that. "In fact, March 2010 just happened to be the month in which the president's signature achievement, the national health care program known as Obamacare, became law.  It came at a time when Americans were desperate for Obama to devote all of his attention to fixing the economy and helping create jobs." What Byron York goes on to point out here is that Obamacare was never popular.

It was never something the public wanted.  They wanted Obama focusing on the economy, jobs, the debt -- and he put those aside.  And this is one of Romney's points.  Romney says that Obama purposely let the economy go to help him pass Obamacare.  And he only talks about the past 27 months.  He doesn't talk about the 13 months prior.  And the reason why, Byron York makes very clear. They claimed during the run-up to Obamacare, all during the sales pitch, that it was a "jobs bill." 

"In an April 2009 speech at Georgetown University in which he laid out 'five pillars' of economic recovery, [Kardashian] argued that an economic comeback would be impossible without passing his health care bill. 'If we don't invest now in a more affordable health care system,' he said, 'this economy simply won't grow at the pace it needs to in two or five or 10 years down the road.'  Six months later, in October 2009, with health care still consuming the Democratic Congress and his [regime], Obama said,

"'We know that reforming our health insurance system will be a critical step in rebuilding our economy.'  Even later, in January 2010, a headline on the website Politico told the story straight out: 'Obama: Health Bill Will Create Jobs.'  The president's Democratic allies were just as vocal. 'The key issue in building a sustainable recovery is reform of health care,' said Rep. Henry [Nostrilitis] Waxman, then chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce committee, in March 2009. 

"'(Obamacare) will create 4 million jobs,' then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said nearly a year later, in February 2010. 'Four hundred thousand jobs almost immediately.'" That's why they don't go back to it.  They don't want people to remember that they touted health care as a jobs bill!  I had forgotten. (I can't remember everything.)  I had forgotten that.  But Byron York is exactly right.  They were promising immediate job creation. Four hundred thousand jobs "almost immediately," Pelosi said.  Millions and millions. 

And without health care, that wouldn't happen. 

They were pitching it as an element, an important element in economic recovery. So, "Even as the [Kardashian] and his team claimed that passing [Kardashian]care was the most important thing they could do to bring about economic recovery, they also promised that at some point in the future they would 'pivot' from health care to the economy. It was a little confusing -- why the need to pivot if [Kardashian]care was really about jobs? -- but in the end, there would be no pivot until after the health care bill became law. It came first."

So next time -- and they do.  They talk about this 27 months a lot.  "The last 27 months."  Forgetting the first 13.  They also forget the stimulus happened the first 13.  They don't want to remind anybody of that.  By the way, why not? Why not propose a second stimulus yesterday?  I mean, we keep a hearing about how great the first one was!  They do tout it.  They do.  They connect those four-point-some-odd million jobs to the first stimulus bill.  Why not tout a second one in the speech yesterday, if it's so hot? 

Energy Dept Awards Van Jones $2 Million
RUSH: From The Daily Caller: "Obama Energy Dept. Awards $2 Million Grant to Solar Company Linked with Van Jones -- On Wednesday the Department of Energy began financing solar power installation research with a $2 million award to Solar Mosaic." Every solar firm he has given money to is bankrupt, I think, except one.

This is not about solar power.  This is more slush-fund money, this time going to his buddy Van Jones who used to be in the regime and had to be tossed out of there.  "On Wednesday the Department of Energy began financing solar power installation research with a $2 million award to Solar Mosaic. The solar energy research company has former Obama 'green jobs' czar Van Jones listed as an advisor. It also employed Rebuild the Dream, Jones’ firm, to do its public relations work. The DOE’s grant money will be distributed to nine companies in four states. Solar Mosaic received the most money [$2 million], four times the amount of most other grants."

And another story from The Daily Caller: "The Harvard researcher behind a recent study correlating 2008 election results with racially charged Google searches neglected to disclose ties to a former senior member of the [Kardashian] administration, The Daily Caller has learned. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, an economics PhD candidate, lists on his CV -- publicly available through his website -- that he was the research assistant of Peter Orzsag [sic] at the Brookings Institution from August 2005 to August 2006. Set to graduate in 2013, Stephens-Davidowitz entered the PhD program at Harvard in 2007.

"Orszag, currently the vice chairman of Global Banking at Citigroup, headed the Office of Management and Budget as an Obama appointee between January 2009 and July 2010. He was also the director of the Congressional Budget Office from January 2007 to November 2008."  Another bogus story.  So this regime is hiding all kinds of things, big and little.  They're hiding giving this disgraced Van Jones guy a couple million dollars, and hiding a Harvard "researcher" with ties to the regime. It just never ends.

IRS to Spend $881 Million to Implement First Four Years of Kardashiancare
RUSH:  From our buddies at CybercastNewsService.com: "The Internal Revenue Service is expected to use $881 million of taxpayers' money to implement the first four years of [Kardashian]care, including about $500 million that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) diverted to the agency, according to a federal audit. ... The IRS' 'implementation costs' are expected to total $881 million from fiscal years 2010 to 2013, it says. Of the $881 million, $521 million will come from the HHS' Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund (HIRIF) -- called a 'slush fund' by Republican(s)."

That's $881 million to implement. The IRS? This is a health care law?  A health care law? We know that it requires 4,000 new IRS agents to enforce it. It requires thousands of brand-new IRS agents and now $881 million in "implementation costs" for a health care law.  Now, we know what this is all for.  This is to establish and set up the systems of fines and collections for those of you reprobates who decide not to get health insurance and try to get a free ride on everybody else's back.

The IRS will be gunning for you.

Solyndra Debacle Grows and Grows
RUSH: Do you remember when Joe Wilson who shouted, "You lie!" to Obama during a State of the Union show?  It was because Obama said that Obamacare would never cover illegal aliens.  And Joe Wilson said, "You lie!" And they took him to the woodshed. And now what? You think these 800,000 aren't gonna have health care?  Ha! Think again.  Here's President Kardashian. He just came out now. He finally made his own amnesty appearance.  Our microphones are there, and if anything of any note is uttered, we'll have it for you.

PJ Tatler, the Pajamas Media site here: "The Solyndra debacle just grows and grows. Now a local Oakland investigative site, the Bay Citizen, did what no national networks would do and filed a Freedom of Information Act request only to discover that Solyndra lied when it said it was only firing 1,100 people at the time of its bankruptcy. ... 'Documents show nearly 1,900 people lost their jobs as'" Solyndra closed down. So Solyndra hid the scale of those layoffs. It was almost double what was reported, and it was a slush fund from the beginning. 

"President Obama's big economic speech in Cleveland failed to impress one endangered House Democrat, Rep. Mark Critz (D-Pa.), who took him to task for his economic and energy policies. 'President Obama and others in Washington need to realize that we cannot spend our way to prosperity and that to in order to create jobs, we need to address unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas and enact policies that allow us to take advantage of our vast natural resources such as coal and natural gas...'" Anyway, it's a Democrat defector from Obama and his policies and somebody going public here, not liking Obama's speech in Cleveland.

Rasmussen: Romney Leads in Electoral Votes
RUSH: Rasmussen: "We're a long way from November..." Election Day, by the way, is November 6th.  "We're a long way from [it], but Rasmussen’s latest polling of likely voters in states across the land shows Mitt Romney currently leading President Barack Obama in the quest for electoral votes.  In fact, if the 9 key swing states were each to go according to Rasmussen’s latest polling, and if the 41 other states (plus Washington, DC) were each to go as they would be expected to go in a tight race, Obama would have 243 electoral votes and Romney 269 -- enough for a tie (and an almost inevitable victory in the House of Representatives, where the 50 state delegations would each cast one vote to determine the president)" if it ended up that way, 'cause 269 is not enough. 

And if you read this piece, "the thing that stands out in these tallies is the importance of Wisconsin. It's the only Democratic-leaning state in which Romney is currently leading, and it pushes his tally to 269 despite merely being tied with Obama in GOP-leaning Virginia."  So no matter where you turn, it's Panic City for the left.  And that's why Obama is out right now announcing amnesty for "young" illegals.  "Catch, Release, Vote" is the name of the program. 

NRO: Legal Immigrants to Back of Line
RUSH:  I'll tell you something that Mark Krikorian points this out at National Review Online.  The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the agency that will have to process all these people, and they are already dealing with people who are in line legally for green cards and so forth. So what's gonna happen is, in order for these new, youthful illegals... It's gonna be more than 800,000.  In order for them to be processed, the people in line already are gonna have to be set aside. 

And apparently, this is a fee-only agency. 

They don't get any money appropriated. 

You have to pay. Once you get in line to get a green card, you have to pay.  These people don't have to pay anything.  Obama's giving them amnesty.  So who's gonna pay to process all these people?  Yeah, we all are.  Yeah.  Anyway, there are gonna be some logistical problems.  Obama doesn't care about it, hasn't thought about it, and will never think about it. That's not the point.  As Jessica Yellin told us: He needs the votes, folks! He needs the votes.

That's Jessica Yellin's report for CNN today: Vote Obama! 

Her report should have been followed by, "I'm Barack Obama, and I approve of this news report."



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