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Soft Drink Study Sticks it to Doomberg
RUSH: This is the New York Daily News: "Soda Not Main Culprit of Childhood Obesity," accord to a study. What was it, last week or the week before, Mayor Doomberg suggested that we limit the size of soft drinks to 16 ounces. To limit the amount of sugar consumed by stupid, idiot New Yorkers who don't know what's good for them. Right? "As New Yorkers continue to debate a controversial proposal to ban supersized sodas, a new study out of Canada says the link between the consumption of sweetened beverages and childhood obesity is weak at best.

"It's the latest study to weigh in on the controversy which has divided the city, with supporters lauding Mayor Michael Bloomberg's initiative to combat rising obesity and others calling the strategy shortsighted. The Canadian study, to be published in the October issue of Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism..." That's one of my favorite magazines. In fact, I just renewed the subscription on the iPad over the weekend. They "determined that more than the consumption of sugary drinks, the main predictors of childhood obesity among Canadian children were household income, ethnicity and household food security.

"But it also found that the intake of sweetened beverages and the risk of obesity indeed played a factor in boys aged 6 to 11," but it's not the main culprit. Not the main culprit. "[M]ore than the consumption of sugary drinks, the main predictors of childhood obesity among Canadian children were household income, ethnicity and household food security." What this tells me is that capitalism will help make us all thinner. Well, capitalism's the fix for all these things. Want a higher income? Capitalism. You want ethnicity not mattering to the outcome? Capitalism.

It's "household food security," whatever the hell that is. (interruption) The absence of food deserts? "The absence of food deserts," that's a double negative. (interruption) Food security is food deserts? (interruption) Oh. Oh, is that what that means? Food security means not worrying about your next meal? It's about not worrying about your next meal? Food security is not worrying about your next meal. (interruption) Right. Okay, so they measure it, that you might... Oh, that's right. I remember now. Food security is: Do you think you might miss a meal? And if you do, you are food insecure.

There's a store in Omaha called Kum & Go. K-u-m. I'm not kidding. They sell 100-ounce soft drinks to stick it to Doomberg. In Omaha, a store called Kum & Go is now selling sodas in 100-ounce containers just to stick it to Doomberg. We get all these myths. "Soft drinks, main culprit in obesity!" Then the study comes out, "No, sorry, not true." I don't know who paid for the study. (interruption) No, not the Koch Brothers. (laughing) No, the "Coke" Brothers. (laughing) The C-o-k-e Brothers? The Coke Brothers! (interruption) The Polar Bear Association? No. It doesn't say.

It just says the study will be published in the October issue of Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism. There's no mention here of who paid for the study.

Bucket List Couple Busted
RUSH: Did you hear about this couple, the "bucket list" couple that lost everything? Did you hear about this? It's a New Zealand couple. The guy was wrongly diagnosed with terminal cancer. So he and his wife compiled their bucket list, and they went out and did everything. They sold their house. They maxed out their credit cards. They went way beyond their credit card limits.

They went $100,000 in debt.

And then they were told the diagnosis was incorrect.

He did not have terminal cancer.

"Frank, 69, and Wilma, 65, who don't want their surname published, say they had 'nothing to lose' after Frank was told in May 2010 that he had only a few months to live. The medical advice turned out to be wrong and though they are happy Frank is alive, their quality of life has been eroded by a spending spree, which included trips to Australia and Fiji. Frank had part of his lung removed following a brush with cancer, and after chemotherapy started getting chest pains and was short of breath.

"He had an ultrasound done and fluid was taken from his pericardium ... for testing. A month later he was given the devastating news it was likely the cancer had returned to his heart and he only had a few months to live. So Frank and Wilma did what many people would do - they made every day count. Frank, who used to own a handyman business in Auckland, gave away $30,000 worth of tools, fishing gear, a quad bike, clothes and household items.

"They sold their house in Wairoa at a loss of $70,000 and cancelled the health insurance. Frank began smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee after quitting during his first cancer diagnosis. The couple went to Fiji for 10 days. They blew $30,000 on food, a five-star resort and fishing activities, expecting his life insurance to cover the costs. 'We had a good time. We spent too much money on food, going around New Zealand and then a business which fell down,' Wilma said. ... It was not until their hospice carer [sic] came for his monthly check-up -- 23 months after Frank was told he was on his way out -- that they discovered the terrible mistake.

"'He said, "I'm here for the last time," and I said, "Why?" He said, "Well you don't have cancer."'"

So they're busted.  They're broke.  They've got nothing, and they are massive amounts of dollars in debt because he was told he only had a few months to live. 

Small Biz Owners Go Without Pay
RUSH: From Breitbart:  "23% of Small Business Owners Went a Year Without Pay -- Barack Obama has said the private sector is doing fine.  Tell that to small business owners; a new survey by Citigroup shows that 23% of small business owners have gone more than a year without pay. The study also says that 54% of them have gone without at least one paycheck; 38% of them said their employees had worked overtime without being compensated; and 18% of them had been unable to make a paycheck for their employees at least once.
"During recent years, 78% of the owners have taken less profit, 70% have been working more hours, and 69% have used their own funds in order to keep their businesses afloat.When asked what issues have been the most problematic for them, the owners didn’t rank their access to financing in the top five, instead claiming lack of sales and consumer confidence were the most troubling factors."

Well, of course.  Anybody with any common sense knows that.  Everybody, the regime, Obama, running around trying to make this a credit problem.  It's not.  These business owners are scared to death of the future.  They don't know what's in store, but they have a good idea, and they're frightened.  They're frightened of Obamacare.

Chicago More Dangerous Than Kabul
RUSH: Folks, in Chicago, Obama's hometown. Well, there's also Kapu, whatever it is, in Hawaii. But Chicago, that's Obama's town, and in the Chicago Tribune: "One Dead, Eight Wounded in Shootings Across City Overnight."  This is last night.  "The overnight violence raised the weekend toll to 7 fatal shootings and one fatal stabbing between Friday afternoon and early Monday morning." It is more dangerous in Obama's hometown than it is in Kabul, Afghanistan.  But let me tell you something.  I've got this Chicago Tribune story, and this is a Google map of murders in Chicago.  Did you know you can Google map murder locations in Chicago?  That's how common, as though anybody would want to go to these places, but you can do it.  I'm looking at it. 

200 Chicago Cops Protect Valerie Jarrett's Daughter's Wedding
RUSH: Obama's chief aide and Moochelle's gal pal, Valerie Jarrett, had 200 policemen reassigned, by the way, to protect her daughter's wedding in Chicago. You hear that? A, Valerie Jarrett has a daughter -- a daughter who got married. B, they had to reassign 200 cops to protect the daughter's wedding in Chicago. Now, the Obamas attended, of course, as did Eric Holder. And everyone, including young children, were frisked before being allowed to enter and participate in the joyous ceremonies. I wouldn't be surprised if they required photo ID to get into the wedding. I wouldn't be surprised.

Obamacare Ruling Next Monday
RUSH: A lot of people were expecting the court to announce its Obamacare decision today, but no.  So next Monday, the 25th, looks like the day.  The story is that they're still working on this opinion, and they're working diligently to get it right.  Now, I don't remember who told me this.  It was in a chat earlier this morning.  But I would think this thing's already written.  If they're still working on it, I would be dumbfounded.  But I could be wrong about that.  Anyway, that decision's coming Monday. 

New Pill Makes You Exercise
RUSH: "Science May Soon Give Us Pills That Make Us Exercise." Yeah, well, who's gonna make us take it? They can't make me take it! "Swiss researchers have discovered that elevating the amount of erythropoietin, a hormone more commonly known as epo, in the brains of mice led them to be more active. What’s more, it did so without causing the erythropoiesis, or elevated red blood cell counts," big whup, "that typically occurs when epo is used to boost performance. Anyone who follows cycling knows about epo," it says here. This is from Wired.com. "It is a widely and illegally used performance-enhancing drug."

So they're gonna come up with a variation of this compound, put it in a pill, and make us take it. And that's gonna make us want to go out there and exercise. Well, they're not gonna make us take it at first. But they're hell-bent, folks, on taking our phones away from us; they're hell-bent on getting us out there exercising. Do you know...? Do you remember 20 years ago, the Earth Day event? They had a giant save-the-earth thing down in Rio, and we had Dixy Lee Ray as our correspondent at this thing. The late great Dixy Lee Ray.

She was the former governor of the state of Washington. She went down there as our correspondent to report on all that they were doing at this Earth Summit. She was a governor, and she phoned in some of the most outrageously funny things like all the air-conditioning being used. Anyway, the Washington Post has a story about this year's Earth Summit. And you know what the big move is? It's a UN-sponsored thing. The big move is to convince the attendees not to eat meat.

The Washington Post says at the Earth Summit, the big impetus is to convince the attendees not to eat meat in order to set a good example for saving the world. They don't want us to eat meat. They think we all need to be exercising. We can't eat any trans fats. Nothing over 16 ounces if you're gonna have a Coke. Gotta get rid of our phones. Can't use them. They're too dangerous, too much independence with our phones. And now a pill to make us exercise.

(interruption) What the hell do you mean, "A pill doesn't sound bad"? You telling me somebody's gonna give me a pill that's gonna make me want to exercise? That's not good to me. I don't want to want to exercise! I actively enjoy not wanting to exercise. I derive spiritual, physical, and mental pleasure from not having to exercise. If somebody's gonna give me a pill that's gonna make me want to exercise, that's a betrayal. I'm not going to take it.

By the way, I'm reminded that we have an exercise pill already.  I  didn't think of it. It's Viagra. (laughing) Yeah. (laughing) I wish I'd-a thought of that on my own.



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