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 "I'll tell you, this MSNBC, folks, is a total laughingstock. An absolute, pathetic joke. They say they didn't have time to play the whole Romney tape, so they had to edit it to make Romney look bad -- and then laugh at him."

"You know, I really think, folks, that Barack Obama is the first president in history to run for reelection as a fringe candidate. That is the best way to describe where he is. He's running for election as a fringe candidate and running against capitalism. No question about it."

"Bob Turner was the president of Multimedia which syndicated my TV program. He now sits in the Weiner seat in the House and he's running for the Senate. There's a Republican primary in New York on June 26th, and if he wins that, he'll be up against Kirsten Gillibrand for all the marbles. We want him to win this seat. He'd be great in the Senate."

"This is really good. From the AP: 'Mitt Romney has declined to call on his supporters to stop heckling President Barack Obama's campaign.' Do you know Romney for the most part has to keep his campaign schedule and location somewhat secret to try to keep from being overwhelmed by paid professional protesters?"

"You cannot incentivize illegal immigration of any kind -- grandmothers, grandchildren, pregnant mothers, you could tug every heartstring there is out there -- you can't do that until you've secured the border. That has to happen first. Everybody knows this, but nobody, at this stage, has the gumption to do anything about it."

"The Democrats always hide behind children when they are attacking the Constitution or when they're attacking the rule of law. They're like hostage takers, in a way."

"I think the regime wants this to be unmanageable. They want this new policy involving the illegals to be unmanageable. When it's unmanageable, what do you do? Well, you define deviancy down. When it's unmanageable, you throw up your hands and say, 'Ah, we tried. We just couldn't do it. Just come on in!'"

"Obama, I don't think he cares about the border. I know he doesn't care about the border. I don't think he cares that there is a border. I don't think he cares if there weren't a border."

"What is more outrageous, a reporter trying to ask our king, uh, president a question, or NBC editing tape and lying about a politician's statement? A major American news operation edits tape in an effort to lie about a Republican, in this case Mitt Romney, presidential candidate, where is the outrage?"

"NBC News is an annex of the Democrat National Committee, and it is posing as a news network."

"So we have a president who is so out of touch he thinks automation is bad for the economy. ATMs are responsible for lost bank teller jobs. The media ignores all of that."

"We had people outraged at a reporter who was not heckling the president, he asked him a question, but they accuse him of heckling the president. People are outraged at this reporter for asking Obama a question, but there are no indications that anybody's outraged that adult Democrats are heckling a bunch of kindergartener kids for singing a song about the United States."

"Would somebody explain to me how in the world these reprobate Democrats somehow hold on to that image. They are anything but kind. They are anything but tolerant. They are anything about open-minded. They're anything but compassionate. And all this malarkey about 'for the children.'"

"What country that has undergone a Arab Spring is now more pro-American than they were before the Arab Spring? What country that's had an Arab Spring is more pro-American now than it was before? The answer is zip, zero, none!"

"You have to love the irony of the Democrats sending out people to disrupt Republican candidates for decades, and now the news media is outraged that Romney will not disown or try to rein in people who have the nerve to protest President Kardashian."

"The sentiment in this country -- when the pedal hits the metal, when the rubber hits the road, the sentiment in this country -- has not changed. There is not majority support for amnesty for ten people, much less 20 million."

"Obama's between a rock and a hard place. He's got nowhere else to go. He can't run on his record. He can't run on the future, other than to scare people about Romney. So all he can do is try to give away the store to every wacko extreme or otherwise minority group in this country."


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