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Snerdley Kills Adidas Slave Shoes
RUSH:  Hey, Snerdley, they canceled the shackle shoes.  They canceled 'em.  Adidas wiped 'em out. Shackle shoes, slave shoes, gone.  All it took was one day.  Snerdley, you probably did it.  You probably did it.  I asked Snerdley what he thought of the picture of the Adidas shoes with the ankle shackles and he said, "Slave shoes!"  He had no idea that that's exactly what everybody else was saying.  Slave shoes.  So they're gone.  I don't know what they're gonna be replaced with. Maybe they came out and just made the shackles.  They're orange on here.  You know, make 'em gray or faux silver, you know, prison shackles.

Obama Camp: Romney is Candidate of Old, Straight, White Men
RUSH: From ThePolitico.com:  "Barack Obama's Group Therapy -- President Barack Obama’s campaign wants to turn Mitt Romney into the candidate of old, straight, white men."  Let me read that to you again.  "President Barack Obama’s campaign wants to turn Mitt Romney into the candidate of old, straight, white men."  So does that mean you should vote for Obama because he's a young, black, gay man?  Well, I'm asking, what does this mean?  How's that worked out for 'em?  So Romney is to be tarred and feathered. Romney is to be not supported. Romney is to be actively voted against because he's a candidate of old, straight, white men.  Well, what does that make Obama?  The candidate of young, black, gay men? Again, where's the tolerance?  Where's the compassion?  Where's the openness?  Where's the understanding? 

Romney Refuses to Condemn His Supporters Who Heckle
RUSH:  Hey, folks, this is not John McCain's presidential campaign.  From the AP:  "Mitt Romney has declined to condemn his supporters who are heckling Obama." He says, "US politics has a long history of heckling," and if my supporters want to heckle Obama, I'm down with it. 

Women March Against Green Energy
RUSH: "Thousands of women representing social and farm movements marched in central Rio Monday to rail against the 'green economy' advocated by the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development." This is women protesting the green energy movement. Women protesting. These are agricultural babes. These are farm babes. You saw Cool Hand Luke. They had farm babes washing cars. These women do not want any part of this green energy stuff. "Several hundred men closed off the march to show their solidarity." That makes sense. "Perched atop a truck fitted with loudspeakers, a female activist howled: 'This is a march of urban and rural women against this Rio+20 charade.'"

West Virginia Dems Bail on DNC
RUSH: West Virginia Democrats. This is amazing. It's the Daily Caller. "In a move showing how politically toxic President [Kardashian] has become in parts of the country, three prominent West Virginia Democrats announced Monday they will not attend the Democratic National Convention in September. Those opting out of appearing at the gathering of Democrats from across the country to officially re-nominate Obama for president include Sen. Joe Manchin, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and Rep. Nick Rahall."

They're not going!

When's the last time you ever heard of that? A Democrat governor who values the energy productivity that comes from his state and knows that Obama wants to shut it down, is not going to the Democrat National Convention. Folks, they are in a panic.

Is Leon Panetta the Big Leaker?
RUSH:  Interesting piece from Mark Hemingway at the Weekly Standard.  It's about the possibility that Leon Panetta is the leaker of all these national security secrets about Obama and the Kill List and the Stuxnet computer virus, all of these things designed to make Obama look like John Wayne, Mr. Tough Guy.  Here's what Hemingway says about it in the Weekly Standard. 

"The recent congressional ire over the Obama administration's suspiciously convenient national security leaks reminded me of an unusual bit of political trivia: Defense Secretary -- and prior to that, CIA head -- Leon Panetta is the prime suspect in one of the most notorious political leaks of all time.  Tevi Troy, a former Bush administration official and the author of Intellectuals and the American Presidency, wrote about this when Panetta was first tapped by the Obama administration for the CIA: After the 1968 campaign, Nixon hired Pat Moynihan -- who had served as assistant secretary of labor for policy in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations -- as his urban-affairs adviser and all-around White House intellectual. Moynihan was already a somewhat controversial figure, having authored a report called 'The Black Family: Then and Now,' which attributed the disproportionate poverty in the black community to rising illegitimacy."

By the way, that's Pat Moynihan in 1968, working for Nixon, wrote a report, got him in big trouble.  Illegitimacy was his primary reason for black poverty, disproportionate black poverty. 

"The liberal intelligentsia pilloried Moynihan for this conclusion, and he left the Department of Labor not long after his authorship of the report became public. ...  The memo was leaked to the press, and on March 1, the New York Times ran an article headlined '"Benign Neglect" on Race Is Proposed by Moynihan.' The White House was swamped with criticism from civil-rights leaders and editorial pages, and Moynihan had to hold a press conference to defend himself. ... Although memos leak all the time, and the leakers are rarely identified, The New Republic’s John Osborne reported in a March 1970 profile of Moynihan that Leon Panetta was a prime suspect in the leak.

"There was certainly some reason for the suspicion. In February, Panetta had resigned from HEW..." Health, Education, and Welfare department. That's the old HHS "... because he opposed the Nixon administration’s approach to desegregation. Panetta later went to work for New York mayor John Lindsay, switched parties, and successfully ran for Congress as a Democrat in 1976. The leaker [of the Moynihan memo and report] has never been definitively identified."

Now, Tevi Troy, the former Bush administration guy, "suggested that senators use to the occasion of Panetta's CIA confirmation hearings to ascertain whether Panetta was the Moynihan memo leaker, as being able to keep a secret would seem to be an important qualification for that post. He also raised the issue again when Panetta was tapped to head up the Department of Defense. There is no particular reason to suspect that Panetta is behind the current spate of leaks, and outwardly Panetta seems to be a committed public servant. But given the seriousness of the national security issues involved, maybe we shouldn't rule out anyone."

So it's speculation.  But Panetta has been thought of to be a high-level leaker in the past, and he is a loyal Democrat. I tell you, I'll never forget this.  And I've always been suspicious of it.  Panetta was chief of staff for Clinton.  And I guess he was leaving as chief of staff, and he was heading back home to Carmel, California, which is a beautiful place.  And he was gonna open the Panetta Institute.  I met Panetta playing, by the way, out at the AT&T Pro-Am one year. I was being interviewed by Neil Cavuto, and as I left the trailer, Panetta walked in, said hello, yuk-yuk, and I went on down to the practice tee. 

Anyway, when Panetta left, he gave the most glowing report and endorsement of Bill Clinton, as perhaps the country's greatest president ever.  And it doesn't mean anything other than he's Mr. Loyal, which is fine.  I have a great appreciation for loyalty.  All I'm saying is, is that if people are gonna suspect that Panetta is the leaker here for the purposes of making Obama look good, it would make sense.  He's a loyal soldier, CIA director for Obama, defense department for Obama.  Somebody's leaking, and it's bad stuff.  And it's all political.  It's all designed to make Obama look like something he's not.  Mr. Tough Guy, personally going over the Kill List. (Obama impression) "Yeah, I want to kill that terrorist today, and I'll kill that terrorist tomorrow.  Then I'm gonna put the news out three days from now." 



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