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The Economic News is Not Good... Gallup: Obama Down to 43% Approval... Laughable Bloomberg Poll... What's Up with Sandusky's Wife?.. Regime Sues Egg Producer...Poll: 47% Oppose Obamacare...

From Kardashian Kid to Dittohead

CALLER: A Kardashian Kid is a member of the clan who voted for Obama and didn't know what we were doing... I wanted to speak to you because I was given a challenge by another policeman, a friend of mine on the force, to listen to you for six weeks and give you that chance to see if you couldn't change my mind.

Barack Obama: A Unique Fraud

RUSH: Not only was Obama wonderful and magic and great, unlike anything we'd ever seen, he was going to remake all of us into something as special as he was just by being elected, just by being president.  All he needed was control of the Congress and a few more radical leftist members of the Supreme Court, a compliant mind-numbed media, and he was gonna make all of us brilliant.  He was gonna make all of us great.

What is the White House Hiding?

RUSH: They made the calculation that whatever is in these documents has got to be shielded.  'Cause all hell would break loose if it were learned what these documents say.  It must be pretty bad if the alternative is to alert everybody to it when most people were snoozing through it.


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