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"We need a new planet. We need a new planet called Stupider, and I need to put Nancy Pelosi on it as the mayor of the whole planet, as the governor, as the evil emperor, whatever."

"Folks, I can't make any promises today. I got back from an overnight trip, very, very late, and into bed about 4:30am, and when that happens I get kind of giddy and a little... well, you just never know."

"Congress is going to do everything they can to get to the bottom of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and all these other guys supposedly lying to Congress. But here's the attorney general blatantly lying to Congress twice, and he's allowed to recant and retract his testimony."

"This Bloomberg poll says Obama is up 53-40, making him twice as popular as he was in 2008. Well, where? What group is gonna give him more support than he had in 2008, and then why?"

"You know, we need to start a promotion, listen for six weeks promotion, because I've always said it takes six weeks of steady listening to understand the context of this show."

"I never dreamed that the official Democrat Party response would be that the Republicans intend to cheat in the election and Holder was gonna stop 'em, and so Holder has to be stopped because he was gonna stop the cheating. That's what the mayor of the new planet Stupider, Nancy Pelosi, said this morning in Washington, DC."

"It's starting to fall apart for Obama. We're getting closer and closer and closer to Jimmy Carter 2, almost verbatim."

"Brian Williams talked about Fast and Furious for the first time in a long time with a smirk on his face. He was very disappointed, and he just said this just a sign of 'our broken politics.'"

"You know what happens when the government gets involved in anything: It changes forever. It becomes regulated for the personal aggrandizement of the politicians."

"One of the reasons for this executive privilege, I am convinced, is to distract everybody's attention from the economy."

"What would be more illegal than giving weapons to murderous drug cartels in order to be able to curtail the Second Amendment rights guaranteed Americans by the Constitution? What in the name of Sam Hill is legal about seeing to it that you create crimes? That's what this administration did."

"You know, Romney, I have to say, got a great crease in his pants, and unlike Bill Clinton, Romney keeps his pants on when he's supposed to."

"I don't doubt that Holder and Obama were praying for a major Supreme Court decision today. I have no doubt they were praying -- I don't know how often they pray, and to whom, but I bet you they were praying for a giant decision today to distract everybody from this EP business."

"Did you her what Marcus said? The only man in the history of the world who changed his mind, was me, El Rushbo. Yeah. It does make me feel good."

"There are many times that presidents have invoked executive privilege for entirely qualified reasons. So it's not something to be universally attacked, universally assaulted. You have to examine it case by case each time it's asserted. In this case, it's so suspicious and it's so obvious."

"Would they be asserting executive privilege if they thought that these documents would help Obama get reelected? If they thought that these documents would dump the blame for this on Bush, would they be exerting EP? No way."

"This is unlike any other program out there. It's not contained by any boundary other than the clock. But even at that, the biggest separation that we have is 21 hours."

"The country suffers when liberals succeed. That is a belief that's embedded in my heart. It's never gonna change. Nobody's gonna change my mind on that because I don't lie to myself."

"Despite all the hype, all the promises, all the fawning media coverage, Obama is just another liberal politician in a long line of 'em. He's just the most radical of all of them to ever come downtown pike. His more reckless. He has a bigger appetite for personal power than anybody to come down the pike."

"This regime is governing against the will of it's people and it is governing against the laws of this country. There isn't any question about it."

"You know, a lot of independents are people fed up with RINO Republicans. This notion that the independents are a bunch of Democrats in hiding is absurd. A lot of independents are conservatives who are fed up with the GOP establishment and they've left the party."

"Have you noticed the crease in Hillary's pantsuit? I've always thought it's every bit as sharp as Obama's. And yet David Brooks harped on Obama's crease in his slacks."


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