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The Economic News is Not Good
RUSH: US manufacturing jobs. It's not pretty. "US manufacturing grew in June at its slowest pace in 11 months and hiring in the sector slowed as overseas demand for US products waned..." This is Reuters: "The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits was little changed last week..." The numbers there aren't good. In fact, the headline from Reuters is "Weekly Claims Lower..." All right! "...But Four-Week Average Hits 2012 High." (laughing)

You're not supposed to read the second half of the headline.

"The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits was little changed last week, according to government data on Thursday that suggested the labor market was struggling to regain momentum." Really? "Initial claims for state unemployment benefits slipped 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 387,000, the Labor Department said. The prior week's figure was revised up to 389,000 from the previously reported 386,000." It's exactly what we said. We told you last week it was gonna go up by 3,000.

I'm gonna tell you something that we have made happen here. This is fairly new. I'd have to go back to the archives and check when this started. But the news media reporting the revision from the previous week is a new thing. They used to ignore that, 'til we started harping on the fact that the announced figure every week is never right. It's always low. It's been low 65 of the past 66 weeks or something like that. It's an incredibly long period of time. Now they're reporting these revisions. And, as the Fed said, they see no improvement whatsoever through next year on unemployment.

Gallup: Obama Down to 43% Approval
RUSH: There is a Gallup poll just hitting, and it has Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, at 43%.  I just got the number.  I think it's an approval number. I don't think it's a Romney number. It's an approval number. 

Laughable Bloomberg Poll
RUSH: Everybody -- including the New York Times, the LA Times, USA Today, Washington Post, CBS, ABC, NBC -- is laughing about the latest Bloomberg poll. Have you heard this, Snerdley? According to Bloomberg, Obama leads Romney 53% to 40% among likely voters. A thirteen-point lead, Obama over Romney in the Bloomberg poll! And everybody's laughing about it.

Here, the New York Times: "Outlier Polls are No Substitute for News." This is how they're characterizing this. LA Times: "Is Obama's Big Lead in Bloomberg Poll to be Believed?" Washington Post: "The poll is pretty clear an outlier." Wall Street Journal: "The Bloomberg poll diverges from several other national polls which have reflected a much closer race for president." National Journal: "Poll Showing Obama Well Ahead Differs From Other Surveys." Christian Science Monitor: "Obama Leads Romney by 13 Points in New Poll. Can That be Right?"

New York Magazine: "President Obama Leads Mitt Romney by 4 Billion Points, According to Bloomberg Poll." Nobody believes this poll. They're all laughing at it. What does that tell us? That means that these Drive-Bys, no matter what their own polls say and no matter anybody else says, know it is too close for comfort to them. So they have to come out and mock this Bloomberg poll. And you know what else is in the Bloomberg poll? (chuckles) This is unbelievable.

"Americans Say They’re Better Off Since Obama Took Office -- A plurality of Americans now say they are better off than they were when [Kardashian] was inaugurated, providing a surprising lift to Obama's re-election campaign despite troublesome economic news." And then they quote some mortgage banker in Michigan. "I’m just tired of the doom and gloom. I think it’s looking better. People just need to stay positive." The guy's name is Jim Seeley.

Everybody's laughing at this. It's all part of the same poll.

"Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

"Yeah! Yeah!" A clear plurality say, yes, they are. (laughing)

It's absurd. (laughing) Bloomberg!

Okay. So according to the Bloomberg poll, we are supposed to believe that Barack Kardashian is now more than twice as popular as he was in 2008 when he won the presidency by 6%. They got him here at 53-40. That's 13%. He won by six or seven. So he is twice as popular now as he was in 2008. That's what Bloomberg wants us to believe. Meanwhile, Rasmussen and Gallup in their daily presidential tracking polls (just for what it's worth here) both have Romney up 47-45.

Both those polls, Rasmussen and Gallup. Now, a question. Can any of you point to any group...? Blacks, Hispanics, Jewish voters, white-collar, blue-collar, gay, lesbian, transgender, whatever. I don't care. Can anybody name for me a group of voters which will give Obama more support in this election than he had in 2008? It's an open-ended question. It's not rhetorical. I'm not suggesting there isn't one.

I'm just trying to put this Bloomberg poll in some kind of perspective. He's up 53-40, twice as popular as he was in 2008. Well, where? What group is gonna give him more support than he had in 2008, and then ... why? And if you can answer that for me, then maybe we can talk Dixie.

What's Up with Sandusky's Wife?
RUSH: Okay, so the jury now has the trial, the Jerry Sandusky case has gone to the jury.  You know, I would love to have some people's opinions on something about this.  Sandusky's wife is totally supporting him.  She is denying everything.  She doesn't believe even the stuff that people said went on in her house, in her bathroom, while she's standing outside the door and listening to it.  She testified, she said that she doesn't believe any of it.  Now, what is that?  Well, you could say loyal wife, you can say blindly. I don't know, what is it?  If I put myself in Sandusky's shoes, I don't know a woman in the world that would back me up.  I don't know a woman who would back anybody up like this. 

Regime Sues Egg Producer
RUSH: Jim, Martinsville, Indiana. It's great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon.

RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: To answer your question a while ago, the people who are gonna vote for Obama this time are illegal aliens.

RUSH: Okay. I asked the question: "What group will vote for him in greater numbers this time than did in 2008?" And your answer is: "Illegal aliens." That's a good answer.

CALLER: Well, in fact they're getting help from the Justice Department because they're suing a southern Indiana company -- an egg company -- because they are making illegal aliens produce more documentation to prove that they're citizens.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Hold it a minute. I lost you here. You're talking about a southern Indiana company?

CALLER: Yes. It's getting sued by the Justice Department.

RUSH: An egg company?

CALLER: Correct. Egg producer.

RUSH: An egg producer is being sued by the Justice Department, and why?

CALLER: Because they are making illegals -- the company is making illegals -- produce extra documentation to prove that they're US citizens. And the Justice Department is taking exception to that.

RUSH: Ohhhh. That's just like the State of Florida, where we are, is trying to purge its voting rolls of unregistered and illegal voters. Holder is prosecuting Florida, is gonna sue Florida. And Holder is trying to tell Florida right now, "You can't get rid of illegal voters. You can't purge them," because he's charging it's race based. It's discrimination or what have you. The State of Florida has found... I had somebody show me this the other day. There's a house not far from here, actually, in West Palm Beach, across the bridge. It's a shack. I'm telling you, it's a shack, and there are 12 people in that house that are registered to vote. They don't live there. They can't find 'em. There's no record of 'em. But that's the house they supposedly live in, and so this is the kind of stuff that Florida is trying to fix, that Holder is trying to stop. So you've got an egg company in southern Indiana that's trying to make it more difficult for illegals to essentially break the law, and Justice Department's coming down on the egg company?

CALLER: That is correct, and then there's a state law that says if you hire undocumented, then you're liable. So they're getting it from both ends: From one end from the state if they hire illegal and get found out, and from the Justice Department if they don't.

RUSH: Wow. They're already in the middle of a dichotomy, "Which came first the chicken or the egg?" and now they got this laid on 'em.

CALLER: (chuckles) That's correct.

RUSH: Well, this is why they're fighting voter ID. That's why what Pelosi said is just asinine. It's stupid! Stupid. We're gonna be get rid of Holder because we...?

CALLER: And for conservatives to try to kowtow to the media and everything else, it reminds me what my basketball coach used to say --

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Did your coach "black basketball" or "white basketball"?

CALLER: This was white basketball.

RUSH: White basketball. Okay.

CALLER: Anyway...

RUSH: So Obama wouldn't-a made the team according to his autobiography.

CALLER: (chuckles) Right.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: So, anyway, he said, "Some nights you're playing an away game and Homer is the referee and sometimes you're playing against seven, not five. And the sooner you figure that out, the sooner you'll be better off not worrying about what the refs are doing. You just play your game."
RUSH: Yeah, because you can't change what the refs are doing. That's exactly right.

CALLER: Yeah. I think that's one thing Newt had in his favor. He wasn't backing away from the media, he was taking it to the media, and I think that's what Mitt Romney needs to do a little more.

RUSH: Well, I think he's doing it. The GOP and Romney have got a pretty good rapid response team going. You know, Romney, I have to say, has a great crease in his pants -- and unlike Bill Clinton, Romney keeps his pants on when he's supposed to.

Here's the egg story, and the caller had it right.  It's from the Indiana Courier-Journal: "The Justice Department is suing a Southern Indiana-based egg producer to stop alleged discrimination against non-US citizens in the hiring process." Now, stop and think of that.  It's illegal to hire illegals.  They can shut you down for doing it, which Obama would do.  He loves shutting down capitalism more than he likes illegals. "The Justice Department is suing a Southern Indiana-based egg producer to stop alleged discrimination against non-US citizens in the hiring process." They're trying to stay legal.

"The complaint against Rose Acre Farms Inc. alleges the Seymour-based company required non-citizens to produce more, different or specific documents issued by the US Department of Homeland Security to verify their eligibility for work."  There ought to be a big burden.  It's the law.  Everywhere we turn the Justice Department is trying to shut down the identification of illegals to either purge them from voting rolls or to make sure they don't get hired illegally or what have you.  "It says federal law prohibits employers from placing additional burdens for documentation on non-citizens." Well, how the hell are you gonna...  Anyway, the DOJ is basically claiming document abuse.

They are saying that this egg company is asking for too much paperwork to prove that the workers they hired are eligible to work.  And never mind that the government can close a company down for hiring illegals, which, as I say, Obama loves to do.  He likes to do that more than he likes to protect illegals.  This is not the first time Holder has done this.  Remember, he sued Maricopa county community college in Arizona two years ago for the same thing.  Folks, this is a regime and it is governing against the will of the people and it is governing against the laws of this country.  There isn't any question about it. (interruption) Yeah, the government's charging the people with too much paperwork.  Yeah, I know it's ironic.  It's contradictory.  The government, the kings of paperwork, are charging this company with being too focused on too much paperwork.  Snerdley can't let go of it because the whole thing sounds unbelievable, and it is unbelievable.

So my question, if two-thirds of the American people don't like Obama's signature legislation, then why did two-thirds like him?  No, no, I'm serious.  I'm not trying to be funny or obnoxious or anything.  If two-thirds of the American people do not want his signature legislation, then how do we get polling data that shows two-thirds of the American people like the guy?  It doesn't wash, folks.

Poll: 47% Oppose Obamacare
RUSH:  And get this.  The AP actually published this.  Their own poll, the AP-GfK poll found that just a third of Americans favor the Obama health care law.  Just a third.  AP.  I can't believe they published the results.




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