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Pearls of Wisdom

"Fast and Furious was an effort to build a case against the Second Amendment and American gun dealers."

"I'm cool. Everything is hunky-dory. If I told you anything other than that it would cause a national panic."

"If you want to spike the football next week if the ruling on health care goes our way, you go right ahead. If there is anything worth celebrating out there, it's liberty. If there's anything worth celebrating it's our freedom."

"There were two dormant years between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious. Wide Receiver was a sting operation. There doesn't seem to be any plan for any kind of a sting in Fast and Furious, at least not against the gun smugglers."

"I'll tell you something else, folks, if I were Hispanic, you know what would really trouble me? To learn that the President of the United States had allowed assault weapons to be walked across the border to drug cartels and used to slaughter hundreds of Mexicans. If I were Hispanic, that would really tick me off."

"Last Friday they had the first-ever gay pride reception at the White House. A bunch of gay activists were there, obviously, a gay pride reception. A group from Philadelphia showed up, made a beeline for the portrait of Ronald Reagan and flipped him off."

"Whenever a rock star opens his mouth, you conclude that they're brain damaged just by virtue of listening to them speak."

"The media, they're going to circle the wagons and they're going to protect this president no matter what. It doesn't matter how much of their core beliefs they have to compromise, it doesn't matter."

"We have a one-party news media too busy remembering Watergate. They can't get over Watergate. They're all a bunch of Woodward and Bernsteins in the press corps, and they want to go back and relive Watergate 40 years ago."

"'This electorate has a white floor. And it has broken for this president. Democrats cannot depend on demographics to save them,' and that's what Obama is depending on. He's depending on a coalition of every fringe minority you can find out there."

"Obama invokes executive privilege and they start doing retrospectives on Nixon and Watergate 40 years ago, too busy to bother looking into the Obama regime cover-up of Fast and Furious."

"Fast and Furious is as bad as everything you have conjured it to be in your mind. Wide Receiver has nothing in common, other than guns crossing the border."

"Obama's avowed purpose is to strip this country's super-power status away from it. There are still a lot of people who can't get their arms around that."

"We recently launched a new page on the Two If By Tea website called The Hall of Patriots. Now, we know that all of you out there in the audience are true patriots, and we wanted a way to showcase you."

"'A desktop computer uses 20 times more power than an iPad.' And yet the environmentalist whackos are trying to zero in on the iPad as an environmental threat. And they're zeroing in on it simply because it's popular."

"I think it is right now much worse for the Democrats in the White House in their reelect effort than anybody (particularly in the Drive-By Media) wants to admit or recognize. But I think they're in full-fledged panic, and I think they're waiting with baited breath to see what happens with Obamacare next week."

"Work is how most people identify themselves. It's where they take their sense of identity. Most people don't like sitting around doing nothing. It's easy to think that most people do. It's easy to think it's a nation of slackers, but I don't think that we're there yet."


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