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Bieber Hits His Head: Is Pop Music Safe?

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know if you heard this. "Justin Bieber Falls Down a Flight of Stairs, is Unconscious for Five Minutes -- The 'Boyfriend' singer also suffered a concussion after slamming into a glass wall in Paris." He slammed his head into a glass wall during a concert in Paris earlier this month. 

Now, clearly concerts are getting out of hand.  We've got concussions going on.  We've got artists falling down stairs.  I think it might be time to seriously consider appointing a federal advisory board here to examine the safety of these pop and rock concerts.  I mean, you start suffering concussions, despite all the safety precautions that are involved. I mean, look at Justin Bieber. He has security affixed to the venues he plays.  That did not protect him.  That did not protect him from the physical dangers of the rough and tumble world of live entertainment.  This kid's beating himself up performing for these little teenagers throwing their underwear at him. 

We don't know how often these things happen.  This just happened to be reported in the Bieber case.  But whenever a rock star opens his mouth, you conclude that they're brain damaged just by virtue of listening to them speak.  There has to be untold dangers out there.  I'm suggesting that it might be time to look into banning concerts.  Justin Bieber, I mean, that's intolerable. 

World Not Happy with Obama Drone Strikes

RUSH: Do you know the United Nations is thinking of saying Obama should give back his Peace Prize because of the drone attacks? I'm not kidding. The story is in the stack. Here it is from the UK Guardian: "Drone Strikes Threaten 50 Years of International Law, Says UN Rapporteur -- US policy of using drone strikes to carry out targeted killings 'may encourage other states to flout international law.' ... Christof Heyns, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings," saying this is not good. It's going to encourage other people to emulate this. And he went on to suggest that Nobel Peace Prize Winner "Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!" might be guilty of war crimes by using these drones and maybe should have his Nobel Prize taken away.

Obama had to run around puffing out his skinny chest and bragging about his marvelous drone strikes. He leaked it for books. He leaked it to portray this tough guy, John Wayne image. He leaked it for his re-election. He basically went out and said that he was the de facto assassin! He's personally killing them. He's sitting in the room... This is what Axelrod said. He's sitting in the room, they've got this book of terrorists, and Obama says (impression), "Yep! Yep! I want you to kill him and kill him -- and wipe him out."

That's how they portray this as happening. Except in the real world, people who order kills or carry them out are supposed to remain out of sight. It's called "plausible deniability." But Obama's out there bragging about all this stuff. Now the entire world is looking into this not-so-secret image enhancement program that we've got, the drone program. And they're getting a little ticked off. Obama's losing the world in addition to America.

Obama Losing to Romney in Gallup, Rasmussen

RUSH: Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for today shows Romney at 48, Obama at 43. Ditto in the Gallup poll.  Down to 43 percent in the Gallup poll.  Just 33 percent now believe that Obama's doing a good or excellent job.  That's down from 41 percent at the beginning of May.  So unfortunately for President Kardashian, the voters are paying attention.  Four months out Romney has a five point lead among likely voters.  It's 48 to 43.  So all this stuff they're doing, yeah, it looks shifty, looks smart, looks like it's an advantage that we don't have. We've not exploited anything like this, including Facebook and Twitter followers and so forth. 

But we're still talking about an empty suit in many ways.  We're still talking about somebody who is running a country that's going down the tubes.  And I still maintain that there are far more people who care about that than don't.  Otherwise Obama wouldn't be in any trouble whatsoever.  And we would all be making plans for Singapore or Auckland, New Zealand, wherever, and we're not. 

More Dems Ditch DNC

RUSH: I think we're up now to seven prominent Democrats who say that they are not going to attend the Obama convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Three from West Virginia, a couple from Georgia.  And there are more who have announced that they are not going to the Democrat convention. Here it is.  "Add yet another vulnerable lawmaker to the growing list of Democrats who plan on skipping the party’s convention."  This is Utah Representative Jim Matheson.   He "told The Daily today that he won't be going to Charlotte, North Carolina, in early September, where the president will formally receive the Democratic nomination for a second term. 'I'll be spending my time this summer and fall doing my job in Congress and visiting with and listening to people in Utah,' Matheson said. 'I won't be traveling to North Carolina.'" So we're up to, I think, now seven. 
What's Up with the Sandusky Jury?

RUSH:  The Sandusky jury, people are wondering: What in the name of Sam Hill's going on? Maybe yesterday afternoon you could understand, because there are 50-some-odd counts they have to go through. It's 48 or 49 counts they've got to go through. Okay, fine. But it's the next day now. Plus, one of Sandusky's adopted kids came up. He wanted to testify; the prosecution didn't use him. One of his adopted kids said, "Hey, he abused me, too." Of course, that's irrelevant as far as the trial is concerned.

But of the Sandusky trial, people say, "Wait a minute. Why? If the OJ jury came back after having pored through all that DNA testimony in 20 minutes and found OJ not guilty, what in the world has taken this bunch so long?" And, folks, I don't know how it's going to come out. (interruption) The government didn't get Barry Bonds. (interruption) Well, they tried is the thing. They had a jury.

Whether they had a case or not, they tried. My point is... (interruption) Well, just let me finish. They didn't get Barry Bonds. They tried Roger Clemens for years, and I think what the government forgot here is it's like putting Tom Cruise on trial. There's no jury that's going to find Tom Cruise guilty of anything, not in our Entertainment Tonight pop culture. Clemens was a star pitcher. Athletes are the closest things to royalty that we have, second only to Hollywood people.

(New Castrati impression) "Are you saying, Mr. Limbaugh, that there was never a chance that Mr. Clemens was going to be found guilty?" I'm just telling you. What was the Clemens case? Roger Clemens is one of the most accomplished, one of the wealthiest and therefore one of the people most able to access the best when it comes to medical care. And when it came time to shoot up (ahem) vitamin B12 in the buttocks (ahem), he goes and hires some gym rat. Not the best doctor he can find. Not the best medical professional. But a gym rat.

Not guilty!

If Tiger Woods went to trial? I don't know. There's this doctor in Canada that's been found guilty of trying to smuggle illegal drugs into America. [Anthony] Galea is his name. And a lot of American athletes use this guy to help them recover from injuries faster. Knowing that he lives in Canada. Knowing that he's not licensed to practice here. Knowing all that. The reputation is, "This guy's got what you need and if you want to get back fast, this guy has stuff that can do it."

They spent four years going after Clemens, didn't they? Or was it five? I think part and parcel is this is not just the adulation that people have for athletes, but I really do think... I'm hoping. Really, I can't substantiate this. I'm going to say I hope that what's also part of this... It's not necessarily good, by the way, in terms of the law. But what if these juries simply say, "Government, would you stop wasting everybody's time for this stuff? There's far more important stuff going on.

"We're not going to reward you for going after people like this who are not hurting anybody. What they're doing doesn't harm a thing. In the meantime you're sitting around watching our country crumble right before our eyes. And you devote five years to getting a pitcher in the major leagues?" There could be that as an element. I don’t know. Have you seen any jury comments after it that allude to that? I haven't either, but I haven't looked.


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