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"All Arizona did was write a law that mirrors the federal law that Obama was not enforcing, and the court told 'em they can't do that. It's disheartening. I don't know if it portends anything on health care or not. And nobody else does, either."

"If you say the word 'corporation' to liberals, you are doing the equivalent of showing Dracula the cross. They hate the word 'corporations.' And then if you really want to irritate them say, 'Well, corporations are just people.' And they really lose it."

"Pelosi said the Supreme Court's terrible decision upholding Citizens United will keep the flood gates open to special interest money. They hate it. They hate it with a passion. They can't stand that corporations exist."

"If standing for the rule of law is a penalty, then there's no reason for any law. Can't just cherry-pick which ones you want."

"The Obama administration actually has a website asking newlyweds and people celebrating birthdays to forgo presents and have people who would give them gifts, instead donate to Obama."

"Most people think that the Arizona immigration case was about whether or not the cops can stop somebody and demand that they prove their status, and the court upheld that. Now, the other three provisions are not insignificant. It can be said that the regime won three out of four."

"There is a new policy at Obama fundraisers. No knives and forks allowed. Even plastic. I'm not kidding. No knives and forks allowed. Eric Holder will give people guns. Eric Holder will give drug lords guns, but you can't take a knife and fork into Obama fundraiser."

"CNN is in such trouble that somebody really thinks that a fictional television show is the model for their return to glory."

"Fast and Furious was without the knowledge of the federal government. The Wide Receiver program of Bush was done in conjunction with the federal government, Mr. Milbank. There was no comparison."

"The left, I think it's safe to say in a pretty much blanket way, don't want solutions. They want the issues. They want the country constantly roiled. Whatever the issue they want people arguing and fighting as a way of furthering their electoral aims."

"I'd almost offer a reward to Milbank if he could explain to me what Watergate was. I mean, that's the big scandal. If he could really tell me what it was, I'm tempted to offer a reward."

"As far as the media was concerned, Lewinsky was not a scandal. It was something Clinton had to be rescued from. It was something to circle the wagons around. Now, in the process, they loved the salacious details, but they were never, ever focused on having anybody pay a price for the scandal. The media fought it."

"There are no Democrat scandals. There are only rescue missions."

"Bureaucrats, State Department, they don't want solutions. There's nothing to do if they solve problems. If a problem gets solved, there's nothing for a bureaucrat to do, to Lord over."

"Once again we see which side Obama comes down on in the question of whether there is a country of the rule of law or the rule of man. With Obama, it's not the rule of law."

"We have a new Rush 24/7 premium debuting today. 'The Most Dangerous Man in America' T-shirt. And it's cool. It's black and yellow. The base color of the T-shirt's black. 'The Most Dangerous Man in America' design is on the front."

"It's a dictator's wet dream to do what Obama is doing. If he doesn't agree with the law, voila, it's no longer enforced. It may as well not even exist. That's who he is, folks."

"If the president of the United States can choose to enforce or not enforce a law because he likes them or doesn't like them, what about us? We don't have the ability to choose which laws we obey or not. Without consequence. He does. The only consequence for him is at the ballot box."

"The political class has turned every controversial decision over to the Supreme Court! They don't want the final result in their lap."

"If the Mubarak candidate had won in Egypt, you can be very certain Obama and Hillary would not be demanding that the Muslim Brotherhood back down. And they wouldn't be demanding that the military back down if the Mubarak candidate had won. But now that the Brotherhood guy's the president, the military's supposed to stand down."


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