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EU Rules: If You Get Sick on Vacation, Take Another Vacation

RUSH:  Hey, look at that, folks. The European Union just said... I don't know why. Most people are gonna agree with 'em. What am I saying? The European Union just said (this is like the United States Congress just said) that if you get sick while you're on vacation, you get to take another vacation. Well, guess how many people are gonna get sick on vacation now? (interruption) I don't know if you're gonna need a doctor's note or not. I would hope so, otherwise everybody is gonna be getting sick on vacation. European Union says, "Get sick on vacation? You get another one!"

Rasmussen: Only 22% Thinks Government Has Consent of Governed

RUSH: Poll: "22% Believe Government Has Consent of Governed." It's a Rasmussen Report. Just 22% believe the government has the people's consent. That's not very many people. In other words, most people believe that we don't matter. Government is out of control and on its own. Only 22% think things are working. And they're the minority.

There's your Obama base.

Obama Losing White Support

RUSH: I had a story last Friday that might be worth reminding you of today, like the wedding stuff.  "Obama's White Support Is Too Low to Win."  It's by David Paul Kuhn.  "President Obama does not currently have enough white support to win re-election even if he retains his minority base from 2008."  Is that likely to change?  Well, I'm just asking.  By the way, when Richardson was talking about millions of kids just got their health care, he's talking about these 800,000 that Obama just legalized.  That's what he meant.  There weren't millions of kids that got health care last week.  There wasn't any new implementation of Obamacare.  It was Obama's amnesty for 800,000, which will be more. 

"Obama's White Support Is Too Low to Win."  Pull quote.  It includes white Hispanics, yes.  "Whites helped give Obama his capital. He began his presidency with at least six-in-10 whites behind him. His white support first fell, as with independents, below 50 percent in the summer of 2009. ... In 2010, whites backed GOP House candidates by a 60-38 margin. It gave Republicans a historic landslide. The white margin two years ago roughly matches the break-even point today. That’s because presidential electorates are browner and blacker, though possibly not enough for Democrats."

He's dividing the country, and he's going for the fringe of every minority group.  That's not the right way to put it.  He's trying to build a winning coalition among real fringe minority group.  (interruption) Why is he running?  Have you ever heard of power?  He's running for power, finish the job in America.  He's got no opposition in his second term.  If he chooses not to run again, don't have to worry about reelection.  If he cancels the elections in 2016, and if he tries that, the biggest obstacle he's gonna run into is the Clintons.  Oh, no, no.  But white support, too low to win.  As I said Friday, they announced this last November, Thomas B. Edsall, they announced, the Obama campaign announced they were not gonna seek the votes of the white working class, the bitter clingers. 

Gallup: Most Americans Can't Identify the President's Religion

RUSH: Gallup.  I don't know why this strikes me.  Just 34% of Americans correctly identify Obama as a Christian.  Most Americans cannot name his religion.  Now, most Americans know where he went with Michelle on their first date.  But folks, it's the president of the United States that we are talking about here, and most Americans cannot identify his religion.  That's new.  That's unprecedented.  Isn't it?  Can't identify his religion? (interruption) Most Americans can't identify where he was born.  I don't know the answer to that question.  You just like to stir it up in there. 


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