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Call from a Citizen of Realville


RUSH: Here's Steve in Los Angeles.  Hello, Steve.  Welcome to the program.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  I got an issue with the concept of illegal immigration.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  I understand that you live in Realville.  And I understand that to you words mean things.  And I'm right there with you.  So here's my argument.  There is no such thing as illegal immigration.  Immigration, by definition, has to be legal.  If it is illegal, it is invasion.  If it is invasion, and not immigration, there is no federal question or federal jurisdiction.  So I would submit to you that Governor Brewer and all of her people misframed the argument, took the wrong argument to the court, invoked federal jurisdiction and now they're unhappy because Obama's running roughshod over them.

RUSH:  What should they have done?

CALLER:  Well, if in fact Arizona is a sovereign state, as I believe it to be, then she unquestionably has the right to defend her borders.  She has the right to repel borders, and she has the right to expel undesirables.  The issue is not one of immigration unless you misframe the issue.

RUSH:  It's a good point.  I understand that.  How in the world do you have illegal immigrants?  It makes perfect sense to us in Realville.  They're not immigrants if they're illegal.  They're something else.  So I get the point.  Anyway, Steve, thanks very much.  I love getting calls from other citizens of Realville.  It makes me feel like I'm at home.



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