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Pearls of Wisdom

"I am the world's foremost authority. I ask nobody what they think. I'm not big on interviews 'cause I don't care what anybody else thinks. That's why I don't have guests. Really. Why pussyfoot around that."

"The mandate is the brain and the heart of this organism. It's the primary funding mechanism. If the mandate goes, there's no way to pay for anything else in this. Not as written."

"There is going to be an election in November over health care regardless of the ruling. Whatever the ruling is, you cannot punt. I will not permit it. I will allow 20 minutes of depression, and that's it. After that you gotta buck it back up."

"Biden's out there flapping his gums on a whole bunch of stuff, and it's a warning, I think: You get rid of me, and there's more of this to come. You let me know you're not getting rid of me, and this stuff stops."

"Tomorrow is really just the first day of a big mess. But it's the kind of mess that we want. It's the kind of mess that we asked for. It's the kind of mess that has to happen if we are gonna get rid of this and try to bring some common-sense reforms."

"We've got seven or nine prominent Democrats who've announced that they're not gonna attend the Democrat convention in Charlotte, and the most recent prominent big name, Claire McCaskill, senator from Missouri, who, among all the people not showing up, is probably the biggest, most loyal, most loud, vociferous advocate for Obama and everything he's done."

"There is so far a white Democrat protest of the first black president within the black president's own party. Nine white Democrats; among them, at least a couple white women are telling everybody they're staying home. They're getting nowhere near the Obama convention."

"I'm 61 years old -- I don't look a day over 60 -- and I don't recall at any time in my life people being told to stay away from a convention, even during the Nixon era."

"Steve Israel, the chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, said that he's asking Democrats running for reelection, 241 Democrats in Congress, in the House and Senate combined, 241 of 'em. He's asking if they're running for reelection, not to go. He said he had to do this to avoid turning off the independents. It's what he said. Now, my question is, if Obama isn't good for Democrats, how in the heck can it be argued he's good for America."

"I find this incredible, actually urging members of Congress to avoid the convention. If Obama's not good for Democrats, how could he be good for America?"

"If Obama's willing to ignore the Constitution here or there, or basically write new laws with a presidential executive order here or there. What's to stop him from announcing he's just gonna wipe all the student loan debt off the books?"

"How many young people, college students and recent grads entering the real world are depressed and disappointed that life isn't as they see it on TV. That they don't have sex with everybody they meet in a bar. That not everybody drives a Lamborghini. I think you'd be surprised."

"Obama doesn't know what outsourcing is. He has been misusing the term. He doesn't know what outsourcing jobs is."

"The left thinks I'm a pied piper, that you're a bunch of mind-numbed robots, and you sit around eagerly as empty sponges waiting to be told what to think every day. When the fact of the matter is that all I do is validate what people already think and have thought all of their lives, that they never heard expressed elsewhere in the media back in 1988 when we started."

"I'm telling you right now. I know that if the ruling comes down and if Obamacare is upheld, it's gonna take the air out of a lot of people's sails. A lot of people are gonna be depressed."

"Obamacare being upheld will, in the end, galvanize the Tea Party like nothing before, after they've gotten mad and depressed for a while."

"You know, if we keep Biden talking long enough he is gonna tell us who called Obama from the Supreme Court and tipped him off on the decision tomorrow."

"The health care bill is not about health care. The health care bill is about the expansion of government and the total loss of freedom. Once the federal government has control of your health care, that means they can dictate your behavior. That's what it's about. That's why the Democrats want this."


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