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Dick Morris: Obama's Failed Presidency
RUSH: Dick Morris has a piece at TheHill.com:  "Obama's Failed Presidency."  Does it take you back to something?  January 16, 2009, El Rushbo, "I hope he fails."  The Wall Street Journal asked me to submit 400 words on my hopes for the Obama administration. They were doing this with a lot of people.  And I wrote 'em back, "I don't need 400.  I need four.  'I hope he fails.'" And of course the world blew up.  Everybody knew what I meant, but they still had to mischaracterize it. 

Here's Dick Morris. "Particularly if the Supreme Court invalidates the individual mandate at the heart of the Obamacare law, this president’s tenure is increasingly going to be seen as an unmitigated failure. The economy is in a shambles and getting worse. The national debt is bloated. The stimulus didn’t work."

The economy's in a shambles, getting worse.  The national debt's bloated.  Stimulus didn't work.  That's a good point.  If the stimulus had worked as Obama says, how come he hasn't proposed doing another one?  If it was so great at creating all those jobs -- oh, gosh, my neurons keep firing. 

Big Education Loads Students with Debt
RUSH: There's a couple things happening out there involving young people.  This student loan thing is big.  Yahoo News has a story today.  They found a bunch of recent graduates talking about their student loan debt.  And it ranges from $80,000 up to over $200,000 among the people they found.  And these people are devastated.  These young adults are saying they're not gonna have money to get married.  They're not gonna have money to buy a house.  They're not gonna have money to live a conventional life as they've seen it and been exposed to.

One woman even says to the writer of the story, "My boyfriend won't marry me because I'm $135,000 in debt and he doesn't want his name on it."  Which we all know the answer, but I don't dare speak it here.  (laughing)  What are you doing marrying a guy who can't pay off 135 grand?  Anyway, it's big, folks, these young adults to whom normally the national debt and deficits wouldn't matter a hill of beans are getting firsthand experience at what it does mean.  And who put them in debt, who runs the student loan program?  It's Obama.  Who's out there pushing these things?  Who's out there getting everybody in debt?  The government.  I don't know what they're complaining about. They get free birth control.  Isn't that all they care about?  That's what Obama wants us to believe.

College Grads Depressed and Demoralized
RUSH: This might be in the UK media, I'm not sure -- about software developers who are writing apps for smart phones, the iPhone, the Android format and so forth.  And they are encountering, as they get bigger, and as they start making money, they are encountering all of the regulations and all of the things that limit their creativity that they didn't know existed.  Young people are encountering all of the obstacles that other small-business people have already learned about and deal with each and every day.  And I think it's substantive.  I think it's important.  I think it matters. 

Who runs the colleges?  Who charges these tuitions that has resulted in these students being in such debt that none of them think they're going to find work in this economy that's gonna help them come anywhere near paying off the loan?  That's why I say, don't be surprised if in August or September, at the convention, Obama forgives student loan debt.  He can do that. He can propose it.  That's all it would take.  He doesn't even have to do it, just propose it.  He could also propose the government forgiving mortgage debt on properties which are underwater.  If he's willing to ignore the Constitution here or there, or basically write new law with a presidential executive order here or there.  What's to stop him from announcing he's just gonna wipe all the student loan debt off the books?  All of you who owe a hundred thousand, you don't owe anything.  (Obama impression) "This is not right, to graduate and be in such debt," blah, blah, and just wipe it off. 

But regardless, they're learning about it firsthand, debt, why it matters.  Normally such discussions of the deficit and debt and all that stuff, it's boring as it can be to 20-somethings.  All they want to do is find lives that look like the people on TV live.  Sex with everybody you meet.  Yes, that's what it is, Dawn.  I know you don't want to believe that.  Let me just ask you, Dawn, how many young people, college students and recent grads entering the real world are depressed and disappointed that life isn't as they see it on TV.  That they don't have sex with everybody they meet in a bar.  That not everybody drives a Lamborghini. I think you'd be surprised.  And how many of 'em can't get jobs, exactly, with all that debt. 

I'm telling you, everybody's surrendering the youth vote to Obama.  I wouldn't be so fast about it. 

Is the Hispanic Vote Monolithic?
RUSH: Everybody's surrendering the Hispanic vote to Obama.  I wouldn't be so hasty with that.  I have a story in the stack about that from the National Journal by a guy named Josh Kraushaar who says that the Hispanic vote as a monolithic vote for Obama is not true, it's a myth. 

The Time I Met Nora Ephron

RUSH: If the Supreme Court ruling would help the Democrat base, MSNBC would not have spent all their time today talking about the death of Nora Ephron, which they have been doing.  It's the only story they've covered since five o'clock this morning, for the most part.  I knew her, by the way.  Well, that's a stretch.  I met her. She sat next to me at dinner.  Yeah, she was very nice.  It was after my first book had come out, it was at number one on the Times list.  It had reached the two million sold, and she was querying me as to how I felt about that.  She was a writer, and it was a big deal.  She was no judgments about me.  She was very nice.  She was not snarky in any way.  "This is a big deal. Do you understand how big a deal this is?" 'Cause I was downplaying it.  I was the circus act at a party with a bunch of liberals.  No, this was not the one where they all kept talking about who they had slept with.  That was one.  Roger Ailes and I, I'd love to tell you the names and maybe someday when it doesn't matter I will.  You'd know them all. 

This dinner party, three tables of ten, Ailes and I are the only two conservatives in there.  And all these people at dinner are talking about who there they had all slept with.  'Til finally one of the more cultured of the guests said "you know, this is making me very uncomfortable."  They were just trying to tweak Ailes and me, you know, family values conservatives, just trying to tweak us.  They were trying to make themselves out, you know, as a bunch of sexual perverts, and maybe they were making it up. (laughing) I don't know.  But this was not that.  But many of the same people were at this party.  I met her husband, Nick Pileggi, who wrote Wise Guys and Casino. 

So I remember I asked her, I grew up reading TV Guide as a kid, TV shows, and there was a writer at TV Guide named Edith Ephron, so I asked her, "Are you related to Edith?"  "No way!"  I insulted her.  "My mother is Phoebe."  So I don't know who Edith Ephron was, but Nora didn't want any part of her.  But she was funny. All the things that are being said about her in obituary pieces today I found in my limited three hours to be true.

Why Stockton, CA, is Bankrupt
RUSH: Stockton, California, is gonna file for bankruptcy.  Largest US city to fail.  They have these pensions and health care liabilities that they simply can't afford, folks.  You know, it really is a shame.  The average firefighter in Stockton costs the city $157,000 a year in pay and benefits.  Okay, fine, we like people earning a lot of money.  The problem is that the firefighter in Stockton can retire at age 50 with a life expectancy of 76 to 80, can retire at age 50 with a pension equal to 90% of his highest salary and free lifetime health benefits. 

Now, it's a great deal if you can get it, but there isn't the money to pay for it anymore.  The deals should never have been made.  They make no sense.  You can't pay somebody whatever you're paying them, and have them retire at 50, promise 'em 90% of that for the rest of their lives plus free health care on the top of it.  It was promised.  The money isn't there.  It's a shame for these firefighters, cops, municipal employees, but it just never was sustainable.  Stockton has laid off a quarter of its police, 30% of its firefighters, 43% of its city staff in order to pay for these benefits to retired city officials, and they still have to declare bankruptcy.



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